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ODSP Employment Supports Help Bob Find a Job | POSPH mène Bob à Tim Horton’s

[Outside of a Tim Horton’s store. Camera moves inside the store] [Bob] I was born extremely premature. And because
of that I’ve got severe short-term memory damage. Northern Lights helped me get a job. I clean and repair and do preventative maintenance
on a lot of the machines here. I get to troubleshoot and problem-solve and
work with my hands and I get to do something mechanical and something I know that I really love. [Woman] I met Bob, he went to employment supports
for ODSP, so he’s an ODSP client. And he picked us as a service provider to help him find
employment. I thought he would be great at a Tim Hortons.
Because Kevin owns four stores here, they thought they’d give him a try on cleaning their machinery in different stores. Now that Bob is employed at Tim Hortons, we
provide him with ongoing job coaching. So they can call us any day, and say I’m having
problems with this, or the employer can call us, and we would come in and go over what’s
going on at work. So we’re always there to help out. I think that Bob brings something that a lot
of people couldn’t do. Bob is very dedicated. He’s very thorough, and he’s always willing
to try something new, so he’s a great employee. [Employer] He does exactly what we expect from him. He identifies problems before they cause failures. And, you know, it results in basically lower
down time, less repair costs. So definitely, you know, lots of positives with having Bob
look at the equipment. He’s an excellent employee. [Bob] I get to be in a job where I get to do something
I’m good at. Ever since I started working in general, I’ve
been really happy and I felt I’m contributing to society and my life has more purpose. I’m just happy to have been given the opportunity
to show how good I am. [Bob fixing a coffee machine at Tim Horton’s]

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  • I worked at a Tim hortons long time ago where the boss was rushing and bitching about a girl with a disability. I was arrested for threatening to punch him if he doesnt stop. Who's the worst ?

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