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��Hey guys, 2017 is coming to an end,
2018, right around the corner. So, this video is my new year s present for you. I am confident, it s going to be a life changing
experience. So, we are going to do something very interesting
today. We are going to drive to desert, and collect trash. But, while doing so, we are going to talk. It s not going to be one of those days when
I talk about cognitive dissonance or project management tools, we are just going to talk
like friends, about life, about your career.. We are also going to talk about me. Looking
at the comments , I realized there are so many of you interested in my story. How I
achieved success in my management consulting career, how I got promoted multiple times,
and why I decided to leave PwC Consulting after 5 years and decided focus on my LIG
program. And I understand, for some of you, it s inspiring
and all, seeing success stories. But I believe you deserve to know the whole
story and not only the bright side. So, today, I am going to be vulnerable, I
am going to share with you my failures. And you ll realize that if I could make it from
such humble beginnings, and trust me, you ll find out within a few minutes that I come
from really, really humble beginnings, that you can achieve the same success. I am sorry
not the same success, a lot bigger success and a lot easier. I ll also share with you what steps I took
to come out of those failures. So, hopefully, there ll be many lessons learned
for you there. Let s go to the desert I want to talk about 4 stories from my life.
These are the stories that shaped my character. The first story is right out of college. Year
2005, I was 23 years old and just about to graduate from one of the crappiest colleges
in the world. at that time, somehow, life smiled at me, I acquired this incredible opportunity
to intern at HSBC Headquarters in London. And it was an internship that had a possibility
to turn into a full time position. Now, that was a huge deal for me! I mean,
imagine, my classmates at college can t even speak a word of English, and yet I am going
to London to have an internship at HSBC. Now, opportunities like that, don t come every
day. Anyway, after 4 months of interviewing and
numerous analytical tests, I got the job. I got the contract. What an incredible feeling
that was. I am going to intern for HSBC. I was the happiest
person ever. The moment I got the contract, I literally opened my phone book, and started
calling all my friends and family. Every single person I knew. I just shared my happiness
with the world. It was an incredible feeling. You know, I was just happy. Really really
happy& Then I started doing the paperwork. And, the unthinkable happened. HSBC stopped
answering my emails. That was weird. Then, after a week of complete silence, I
got the shock of my life. They told me they ran out of their quota for work visas so they
are withdrawing the offer. That was the last thing I heard from them. After that, no response, no call, nothing.
That was it. And that was the beginning of the end for
the first chapter of my life. My life was ruined. Absolutely ruined. I became a total mess. Mind you, I was still 23. My character wasn
t built yet.. So, I couldn t handle such a failure, especially after announcing it to
everyone. I mean even my grandmother, she was still knitting a beanie for me. She didn
t want me to catch a cold& She heard London was cold. How do I go back and tell her that
I am not going anymore. I became a total mess. I was angry all the
time, I was depressed, I lost my will. So, Bad situation became worse and I got kicked
out of my home. I became homeless. Yeap. Nobody wanted to deal with this angry, depressed
person. Anyway, in that homeless life of 4 months,
I learned 2 very important things. The first one is; fear. Being scared for your life. I was 23. I was
scared for my life every single night. wherever I pitched my tent, I got kicked out.
Everybody called the police on me. All the nearby residents, living in their fancy houses
in Izmir, my hometown. And I don t come from a poor family. the neighborhoods I know and
lived in were relatively rich areas. But I was no longer welcome in the neighborhood. So I had to stay in the other end the dangerous
area of the city along with the other homeless. There d be fights every night, drug users,
and even murders. It was that dangerous. And imagine me, college boy, sleeping in his camping
gear, it was obvious I didn t belong there. That was about the time, I started appreciating&
. sun rise. Because sunrise meant safety. But that sunrise, my friends, just wouldn
t come up& It just wouldn t. So, that was the first lesson learned in this
story. Fear. Fearing for your life for months. And The second thing I learned was a concept
called The Lethargy Cycle. It s when your negative thoughts lead to lack
of action, and lack of action contributes to negative thoughts. It s a negative feedback
loop. Your situation just gets worse and worse until you just no longer have a reason to
live. When you fall so bad, like how I did in 2005, it s just so difficult to get back
up. So difficult. That s why I can so easily relate with people who are low on confidence.
Low on energy. . Low on motivation. Once, you fall, you don t get back up so easily.
You become lethargic and lose energy to do anything. And the reason is very simple. In life, you
draw energy from so many sources you don t even realize. You get energy from your parents,
because you want to make them proud, you get energy from your friends, because
you want to be the best guy to hang out with, you get energy from your kids, because you
want to provide an amazing life for them. But when you lose these energy sources one
by one, you become lethargic. You re left with only one driving force or energy source
– your own will. And it just doesn t turn on instantly. I remember months of just sitting
all day long doing nothing. Until, somehow that driving force, my own
will, turned on. That s when I broke the fall. after 4 months of doing nothing, just waiting
for sunrise, and sleeping in the daylight, and sometimes asking for leftover food from
restaurants, I finally got back up again. Ever since that day, my inner force never
turned off and I still tap into it every day, I found the strength, and started applying
for jobs, very strategically though, in fact some of the things I figured out that time
became the seeds of LIG 15 years later. And then, a total miracle happened. I received a job offer from another leading
employer; Standard & Poor s. S&P. It truly was a miracle for me. I needed it so bad.
Now, I am not a religious person but it was almost like the touch of god. At least, that
s how it felt at that moment. From homelessness, to Standard & Poor s. The jump was just beyond
belief. It s just unfathomable. Let s move on
to the second story. But before that, let s do some cleaning Now, the second story; A year later, things were going great at Standard
& Poor s I had a great salary, I built great friendships, I was doing a great job. And then bam I got fired out of nowhere. What happened was, a new manager came in,
he was a total womanizer, and this evil bitch at the firm played him so well that I got
fired within a week of his arrival. One week. That lady not only managed to get me fired,
but also she got a promotion in 1 week. Incredible, stuff& That s when I learned another very important
lesson; you don t always control your own fate. You may have that inner force activated,
but other people still poke in your future. They put their dirty little fingers in your
plans. Third story; After getting fired, I moved to Dubai in the
end of 2008. It didn t take me long before getting a new job because of Standard & Poor
s great brand name in the financial services industry. And as most of you remember, this was the
time the world was entering into a recession and stock markets were in free fall. But not in Dubai. Not at first. I managed to get a few job offers one from
JP Morgan and one from Goldman Sachs. Amazing, right? But their offers were not very high. Instead of choosing one of those offers and
building a future there, I was stupid enough to pick a no name employer. I did a pretty stupid thing, but they paid
me almost triple of what the other offered. And that s when I had a pretty lavish lifestyle.
Sports cars, parties all day long. I was thinking I deserved to have some fun after struggling
so hard. Then bam, recession hits Dubai in 2009. The
company decided to lay-off employees instead of fighting the recession so I lost my job
in 2010. Off goes my job together with my lavish lifestyle. I then thought about Goldman
Sachs and JP Morgan. They were interested in me just a couple of years ago, they would
still consider me easily, right? I was wrong. In their eyes, I was no longer
the Standard & Poor s guy. I was just a local company guy. I lost my edge. Then another important lessons learned; building
a career is a long term plan. You don t optimize for right now, but you optimize for 10 years
in the future. Otherwise, you hit your 40s and you ll be working for managers who are
in their 20s but coming from big name employers. It is harsh, but it s reality. Final story, I then decided to make a complete
shift in my mindset, I enrolled in my MBA at a great business school, then ventured
into management consulting, and eventually after having worked at 2 boutique consulting
firms, and with the help of certain strategies that I teach in LIG, I made it back up in
the champions league. I joined PwC, PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting and worked there very successfully
for 4 years and now I have my own business, and helping you avoid the mistakes I did and
achieve great success through my LIG program. OK. This was my story. But enough about me,
let s now talk about you. Now, all my subscribers, you, you are smart,
you are talented. You are aware that there are great opportunities in life. And you want
the good life. Otherwise, you wouldn t be watching me. You d be watching funny cat videos.
That s not you. And you most likely fit in one of the 2 categories. The first category is already on the right
track. They got on the right track either through my LIG program or they had a good
mentor and they received good advice. They are already working for greatest employers
and by watching my videos, they are trying to do get promotions or excel in their careers. And if you fit in this category, I don t want
to waste your time. You may just close this video now. Because, the remainder of the video,
I will be talking to my friends that belong to the 2nd category. The second category is, while equally smart
and intellectual; but lack the determination or motivation to make that change. And some of you are in that Lethargy Cycle
I talked about earlier. Remember? negative thoughts lead to lack of
action, and lack of action contributes to negative thoughts. Your situation gets worse and worse until
which point you can no longer escape. It s like a black hole. If you work for no brand name employers, horrible
working environment, full of bullies, and asshole managers, or none of the above but
you work for peanuts of a salary in your 30s or above, you are not building your wealth,
then I am sorry to tell you but you are in that Lethargy Cycle. You know you can do better in your career,
you know you deserve better, but then you don t do anything about it. Or worse, you
waste your time with online job applications. You are not developing strategies
to find better employment. Now, why do we make a change? Why do we act.
It s fairly simple. There is either an Opportunity. Or a threat. So, you either want to grab an opportunity
or eliminate a threat. Or sometimes both. Let s start with opportunities. Obviously the first reason why you should
make that jump is to fulfill your potential. You deserve more, and you should get more.
It s a fairly simple statement. You are smart, you are intellectual, you are
skilled, you have the potential to be the greatest, and you deserve to have a career
in greatest companies in the world. Those companies will value your experience, and
your character. They will invest in you, they will care for
you. And yes, these employers exist. You only realize
how great they are, when you join them. In great companies, like PwC, McKinsey, Google,
BCG, P&G, there are usually no bullies, you are surrounded by these incredible human beings
who will push you to greater heights and most often they happen to be really good people. They are awesome to hang out with. It s just
a happy and immensely fulfilling environment. Second reason, money. So, when you join these
firms, usually, your salary increases dramatically after a certain threshold. You don t earn
a lot of money when you are junior, but once you start going up to ranks, your salary goes
up to incredible levels. If you are in management consulting, you are in your late 30s or early
40s, a first year partner, you are looking at around 300,000 dollars yearly bonus. After
a few years, you eventually move up to million dollars per year. it won t happen immediately,
but at least you are on the right track. I know you heard this a million times that
money doesn t bring happiness. I couldn t disagree more. There are two kinds of people who say this.
One those who don t have money and try to justify themselves that they have a good life
by hating on money. And two people who have a lot of money, grew up in money, and don
t know what s it like not to have it. Money is what buys resources. You want to
invest in a stock portfolio, you want to collect dividends, you want to collect rent checks
from your tenants, what are you going to buy all these assets with? Money also gives you
insurance in life. When you fall, you have money to break that fall. If you don t have
money, you fall so deep that you can t get back up. If I had money, would I ever become homeless?
Lose the resources, lose 4 months of my life doing nothing but staying in my tent, and
begging for food from shop owners in exchange for me cleaning up their dishes or mopping
the floors 15 years ago. So, let them fool themselves, But you are smarter than that. it would take me hours to talk about all the
opportunities. Better training, better people to work with, more status, more power, it
s just a very long list. Now let s talk about the threats. Each day you waste your time with your no
name, small employer who is never going to be able to pay you a big bonus, or make you
a partner in the firm, you are reducing your chances to jump to the champions league. Not only it looks bad on your resume that
you worked for that no name employer for so long, but also you slowly become them. Let me explain. You are the average of the 5 people you spend
most of your time with. Given that you spend over 8 hours at work, your colleagues have
the biggest influence on who you are and who you become. If you surround yourself
with losers, you ll become a loser. If others around you have less to contribute to you,
then you ll lift them up a little bit and they ll take you down a bit. Enough time past,
you ll become identical to each other in terms of skills and experiences. Another risk, small companies don t tend survive
for a long time. Average life span of a company with less than 50 employees is only 10 years.
If it s a start-up, then it s less than 3 years. If economy turns upside down, can your
employer really survive? Do you have a leader smart enough, experience enough to take necessary
steps, and develop strategies to prevent a bankruptcy, or a layoff, and keep going? Ask
yourself these questions now, before that day comes. Because, trust me, small firms
usually don t have the cash reserves to soldier through recessions. Let me show you another threat; What
if the speed of Artificial Intelligence development and automation continues to be exponential. Mind you, I am not saying becomes exponential,
but I am saying stays exponential. Because their growth is exponential at the
moment, not linear. That s the law of accelerating returns. So if it continues this way, according
to Ray Kurzweil within 12 years AI is going to reach human level intelligence. But it
s not going to stay there. As a result, within as little as 15 to 20 years, 70% of the jobs
available will be automated. And I am not just talking about blue collar jobs but all
jobs including white collar jobs. Complete shift in the economy. Nobody knows what is
going to happen next. Complete shift in society. There is nothing we can do that Artificial
Intelligence in 20 years cannot do. You think there will be jobs left by then? Are you banking your future on governments
implementing Universal Basic Income? What if they don t? What if you are a citizen of
a poor government? You ll forever be unemployable for the rest of your life, so will be your
kids. Now, we may invent new jobs, new type of jobs that we can t even imagine at the
moment. It s a possibility. But we don t know. It s a singularity event. You can t predict
what will happen. Get ahead of the curve. Take control of your
career and your wealth before that day comes. So, you eventually become asset owners. You
still have so many amazing employment opportunities. There are amazing jobs out there. Grab them
before it s too late. Let me share with you what s happening to
majority of people with great potential, great intellectual capabilities but haven t yet
achieved it . Maybe you tried to have a better job, a better
career, and maybe you did the worst thing possible and made online applications. And
of course as a result, you failed. Failing is uncomfortable. Although it s part
of life, it s uncomfortable. Nobody likes to fail. So, as a result of the failure, you developed
superficial reasons for that failure. Self justification. It s cognitive dissonance. And you built a wall with those made up reasons.
You convinced yourself that, oh the good life is not happening for me because I am not from
a fancy college, or that I don t have an MBA, or that I am Chinese, I am Indian, I am Brazilian,
I am too old, I am too young, I can t speak good English, you sold yourself all these
excuses as the real reason. Now, this created a bigger problem. Do you know what the bigger problem is? That wall, is still up there. You commanded your subconscious to stop looking
for opportunities. And it took your instructions and blocked the will to look for or grab those
opportunities. Look at here; this is where you are, this
is the wall, and this is the land of opportunity. Opportunities are like mountains. You can
see them across the wall but you cannot grab them. Now, I want you to reminisce a little bit.
Think of all the opportunities in your life that you missed out on. All the times you
wasted right before a very important job interview, or meeting with a potential hiring manager
All the times you didn t give your 100%. You need to destroy this wall, right now. Today.
Whatever excuses you have for not pushing for a better life, better career, destroy
them all tonight. Don t carry them over to 2018.Leave them in 2017. You have the potential to do great things. Go find a mentor. Someone who can show you
the right path. Someone who will push you to your limits and help you achieve your maximum
potential. If you don t have a mentor, then let me help
you. Join LIG. Over 1,400 people completely transformed their careers only because of
the strategies they learned in the program. Be the next one. I ve laid out the entire
blueprint for you. You will be successful. As long as you are
committed to taking action, it will work for you. Plus, I discounted the program over 95%
so it s affordable to everyone, from anywhere around the world. Look, your MBA, PMP, your college degree,
even your decades of work experience are worthless if they don t give you one key ingredient. Attention. Attention of the hiring managers.
That fancy MBA is not even worth a dime if you can t get the attention of the hiring
managers. I have an MBA from a top 20 business school, it didn t open any doors. Now, it
definitely helped a little after I somehow opened the door but only after. Still, what
I teach in LIG opened the door. I mean there is a reason why over 20% LIG
members are graduates of Ivy League schools. Even they don t get the attention they thought
they would by getting a degree from Stanford or Harvard. Not anymore. Things changed now.
Oh in addition, all LIG members get direct support from me. You go through LIG modules,
put in the work, and if you can t get the success you need in your life, then get in
touch with me in 30 days, then we ll jump on a call. We ll figure out how you can do
better, and what sort of strategies we can develop for Your situation. If you are in your 30s or above, and if you
don t have the career or the wealth you deserve yet, you need to come to an acknowledgment
right now. Right now! Look, It s fine if you failed. You heard my
story, how many times I failed. It s fine. Life happens. But if you don t realize that
you have failed. You will never find the motivation to do something about it. Instead, you will
always accuse someone. I blamed HSBC, I blamed my family, I blamed that womanizer manager
who fired me from S&P, I blamed everyone until I realized that it was all me. I was responsible
for my own life. I had to show ownership. I suggest you do the same. And if you can come to that realization right
now, Something amazing will happen. You will get your power back. You will start
looking for solutions. And when you get the solutions, you will have control. You control
where you live, how you live, where to go. It s an amazing feeling. You will get the good life. Because you will
realize that when you take action and you take calculated risks, world becomes a lot
more fair than you were lead to believe. But it all starts with baby steps& Happy new year! I wish you a wonderful 2018.

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  • Deniz, I am glad you corrected yourself when you say that the Recession Did NOT hit Dubai. I was there on the worst day when the SABC took a tumble in January 2009, I remember Indian workers being sent home because of construction stalling. I remember construction on the Burj Dubai slowing down. I was there because I was recruited by Emirates, the irony of your story is that EXACTLY what happened to you with HSBC Happened to me when I came home-silence, utter and painful silence. The Recession ate my job and sent me into confusion too! so I know where you are coming from and yes in the place where it's only you is where you find the power of your true self-this is why I don't mind isolation too much. I have returned to Dubai since then and only have more respect and admiration for the work and Leadership because that was SCARY!

  • nooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! why the video ended up. why? I want to watch and hear more about reality, swear I am learning a lot of things and feeling awesome. a great mentor "someone like you" is really difficult to find. much love god bless you, Dear Sir.

  • Hello. I am passed for promotion second time this year with a very " no idea what's going on team " manager who leaves us create and comlete our own work without even being around. he does say I might get it next year. Should I stay waiting for that or go look for other positions resetting everything I have achieved in this team ?

  • Wanted to click the like button on your video again and again but it won't let you, thank you for sharing your success story. I appreciate your endeavors and your honesty.

  • I owe you Deniz. your tips and tricks have put my career on right track. you are fab. And this is my first ever comment on any channel, video etc etc. God bless you.

  • A great talk from a great person. I am a novice and i wanna learn from you. From this day on I'm gonna following you.

  • Dear Daniz, I wanted to find out these things probably from early this decade. Though I used the internet didn't think that I can find them there and thought I need to somehow do researches my own to learn these, but it seems that it was very very slow. I am very glad that found your channel and other resources. I believe these are the most enthusiastic, valuable and courages documentaries I watch related to carrier. Thank you very much Daniz and I am really happy to hear your honest and undramatic presentations which encourages me to grab them at the best. Wish you all the best ! 🙂

  • Dear Mr. Deniz… how you will answer the question Why you resign from your previous company? Knowing that you were terminated…Can we be honest? Let us know how to answer this tricky question pls. Thank u

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  • I cried hearing every words about your 1st and 2nd stories cos I can see myself in there and your words pretty touching and thoughtful. Thank you for your kindness, your time and energy for helping us develop career path, heal my depressed soul and motivate me to take action <3

    From Vietnam with love.

  • Harika bir anlatım kabliyetiniz var, gerçekten çok bağlayıcı ve motive edici! I am pretty much empressed by your life story! hopefully I can find a way out of the stupor I'm stuck in, and one day there would be that feeling of full satisfaction that I've improved myself enough to be able to live a desired life… Thank you for sharing this video…

  • I just want to say thank you for your time and efforts to help people such as myself. I too came from humble beginnings. I ran away at 16 years old because I couldn't handle being beat any more. I lived on the streets for 3 years and finally landed a decent job at 21 where I've stayed for the past 22 years because I was lethargic and complacent. I've recently started taking classes on a CAPM and also IT administration/engineering. I came across your video on the PMP PMBOK but staying with you because I can relate with you and your background.
    Thank you!

  • Hey there Deniz. I got to know your videos through PMP-PMI certification research. I carefully watched most of them and thanks to that an a lot hard work and studying I’m signing my contract with PWC here in South America. I deeply thank you and would recommend your videos to anyone

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  • Like that you spent precious time on collecting trash! I envision one day I will gather ppl doing that with me for both land and sea! For anyone that are still putting blame on money for their unhappiness or own misuse of money, there are many ppl or animals still needing it for necessity of living rather than happiness, give them and you'll see the value of money and get your happiness! One's unhappiness has nothing to do with money, is just you don't get the way of living happily yet. What a pity for money always taking unnecessary blames! I love the power of money!

  • Hey Deniz, great job my friend. BTW. I am from Izmir also. I am in that lethargic state right now and the sad part is that I work for a great company. I know there are great opportunities within the company but I have no motivation recently to go get them. Thanks again

  • Great insights and thanks for sharing these vivid experiences. As a Chinese i believe one saying the vulnerability will ultimately make you stronger if not destroyed you. I was once working for a top tier US bank as VP in the investment banking space and suddenly the downsizing came in and everything turned out to be very nasty around the office. There was a long period of time I was staying low as I felt ashamed to say gets laid off, until I find your video, thank you for the guidance.

  • I like how you went to the desert to go inward – just like the great prophets did thru millenia. Thank you for this experience. (And how is it I am hearing the twitter of birds with gorgeous songs?)

  • Watching your videos is motivating me so much more than you imagine and makes me feel think out of the box. Thank you for sharing the story. I appreciate it!

  • I am the one whom in the second category person, but thanks God I found you in this video, I am 38 yo now, start breaking the "wall" after watching a lot of your video, hope it is not too late. Join in LIG program will be the greatest decision I ever had in my life. Thank you Deniz!

  • Hello Deniz, I think I know what you are talking about and I feel the deep yearning to fulfil and live my potential. However, though quite intelligent and well educated (lawyer with bar exam), I'm a highly sensitive person, having complex ptsd, making it so hard, if not even impossible right now, for me to regulate my emotions and being self contect and strong willingly. Corporate life is such a pain for me with all its manipulations, toxicities, even atrocities, back stabbing b******, though I would love to succeed. Example: right now I just have to deal with working in our new business building with open office, which is hell for me as every noise and movement distracts me from my work and even sometimes feels like physical pain – how can I be strategic and clever etc. if I cannot even stand that?!!?? Am quite desperate to be honest. 🙁

  • Thank you, Sir! Now I am a senior student in my college.
    After hearing carefully your story, I have learned much more about the career experience from you, that was a worthwhile story for me!
    I think that I will extract more experience from your story to my audit future career path.

  • " If you can come to the realization right now, something amazing will happen. You will get your power back. You will start looking for solutions. When you get the solutions, you will have control. You control where you live, you you live, where to go. Because you will realize that when you take action and calculated risks, world becomes a lot more fair than you were lead to believe."

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