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Palestinians: How will ending the occupation change your life?

What is your job? Amin
Nablus How will your work change if
there was no occupation? This is the question? My job I have a shop stationery books I sell My problem under occupation is a big problem If I want to export anything
I must work with the (Israelis) import import or export I must go through their (Israeli) airport Through the Israelis This is one obvious thing The other one is you know that we are inside the cities separated Here is (area) A
and the other side (area) C and here it is a very big problem many times I want to go to Jerusalem and the road is closed there is a checkpoint I cannot go anywhere from my city When was the last time that happened? The last time For you For me? You see, at this time Every month, one or two times I find I find it closed for half an hour
or an hour but before… So you have to stop at a checkpoint once or twice a month
you are stopped at the checkpoints and it takes about half an hour
an hour to get through It is not the checkpoint that’s the problem The problem is we want to live in peace No, I am trying to understand the issues So sometimes it will take half an hour
an hour to go through But before In 2002 All the checkpoints in 2002 if you wanted to go to Ramallah
from here (Nablus) to Ramallah which takes 45 minutes
took 6 hours Yes, during the second intifada Now it is easier than that time but you can find the occupation
every day, every where you go from here to anywhere in the West Bank This is what is the problem If the occupation ended do you think your business would be Yes, it will be better we can go everywhere we can go to Jordan we can go freely The people working free There (will be) no connection with the Israeli economy also How would the end of the occupation
change your life? Um Amir
Bethlehem There would no longer be problems People outside would be able to
come back and take their rights and their lands The refugees I asked, what about you?
How would it become better for you? She said, if people are comfortable,
I will be comfortable and we would get back our rights What would change in your life
if occupation went away? Other suffer but thank God, my life is more stable other people have it much worse there are homeless and so on Mohammad
Beit Sahour Life? Your life My life would be changed How? The salaries are different The salary is less Life will be bad here Because the people are the enemy of each other Are you saying Palestinians are
the enemy of each other? Yes, they don’t respect each other He has a brother that works in this area so if I am working in this place the same place he might prevent me Because he doesn’t want you to work there For sure But with the occupation, that
doesn’t happen as much? No, no, no. The occupation
stands with us Manar? You need to clarify because it is not clear What is he trying to say? Is he saying it is good to have an occupation? Sort of Ok, what’s the good?
and what’s the bad? The good…
In Arabic? Economically, our economic
situation would become better With the occupation or without? With the occupation, yes Without the occupation, there
would be a lot of favouritism Nepotism and favouritism He is saying there would be no security So even under occupation… There would be no security Meaning if it was only Palestinians
it would be chaos? Yes Yes, yes (from the back) actually,
half the Palestinian people work in Israel Without Israel, there is no work
no jobs He can be your translator next time The question is
What does she do? She is a student Student in what? Al Najah university Studying English Second degree (MA) I want to improve myself Yasmeen (20 something woman)
Nablus and go to other countries The occupation surrounds people If there was no occupation
how would your life change? Maybe talk with the other countries in Palestine, comfortable my family in Akko and… You have relatives in Akko?
– Yes How would your life change
if the occupation ended? Ayman
Ramallah He said the occupation will not end the occupation will stay around us It will stay around us? meaning the borders will still be occupied
– Yes and our lives will not change He said that we don’t have
the right to go places We have checkpoints we have the separation wall Wisam
Hebron Maybe we could travel more around the world Of course the economy will
become so much better than now Because they tax you now the occupation (Israel) takes (he had to answer a customer’s questions) We can apply more for Masters maybe I just finished my studies and I didn’t work because there are no jobs I am still looking for a job but there are none In engineering, civil engineering Yes The occupation is the reason
I didn’t find a job yet Of course We have also the Palestinian Palestinian government it also takes tax These people take tax
and the occupation takes tax You work here?
– Yes Ramzi
Nablus What would change at the
end of the occupation? What would change with your work
if no more occupation? Of course, tourism will be booming because we will have…
Tourism because we will have a port and an airport and we will give
people permission to come in easily and tourists will have the chance to see that Would things change with you personally? Yes, same as you because you don’t have occupation you travel abroad and you don’t have economic problems I would take my kids and tour the world Last one What’s the first thing you would
do it occupation ended tomorrow? I would be extremely happy I won’t need a permit or visa
I will go anywhere I will go to the occupied places and pray there and be happy I will go to al Aqsa because I am not allowed to go there He works in clothing
He sells clothing How will your life change after occupation Wassim
Hebron Occupation exists everywhere and it is very difficult to control this for us Palestinians The thing that we can do the most
is that we can be patient and we can do what we can But for occupation to end
that is very difficult because it is mentioned in the Quran Let’s say it ends How will your life be different? It depends When the occupation ends it depends on who comes or what comes in it’s place maybe the economy will change economical situation will change and it depends on who rules Maybe the presidents would would have open communication with us
discuss with us This would only work if there were a meeting with the president and the people and to have elections So if we all… If the people and the leaders sit together and discuss and agree then better things would happen

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