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Part 9 Job and Occupation | English Vocabulary in Use | Learn English Conversation 365 [Subtitles]

Part 9: Job and Occupation 1. Accountant A person whose job is to keep or inspect financial accounts 2. Ambassador An diplomat sent by a state as its permanent representative in a foreign country 3. Astronomer An expert in or student of astronomy 4. Babysitter A person who looks after a child or children while the parents are out 5. Banker A person who manages or owns a bank 6. Blacksmith A person who makes and repairs things in iron by hand 7. Detective A person whose occupation is to investigate and solve crimes 8. Economist An expert in economics 9. Entrepreneur A person who sets up a business taking on financial risks in the hope of profit 10. Firefighter A person whose job is to extinguish fires 11. Foreman A male worker who supervises and directs other workers 12. Handyman A person who do occasional domestic repairs and minor renovations 13. Hobo A homeless person; a tramp 14. Football player A person who plays football 15. Lobbyist A person who takes part in an organized attempt to influence legislators Thanks for watching! See you next time!

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