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Pathways to Careers: Customized Employment – Partnership for Success

Breanne came to my office when she was 19-years-old. One of her challenges is just anxiety and related to that selective mutism. When she’s around people she doesn’t know she just clams up and won’t speak. We were able to assess through the meetings that we attended every year what jobs she would be a strong candidate for. I felt like she would be a great candidate for the customized employment, which was through the pathway program. Basically, the job is customized to the client, to what they want; not just, you know, a cookie cutter job. They do a discovery assessment which determines what are the strengths of the person and what jobs she can do; and, of course, care of animals came up to the top. Her career navigator was spending quite a lot of time with her, and she kept coming back to us after
being out with Breanne and saying, “All she wants to do is work with animals.
That’s it.” I talked to Gina and said, “I have a client
and this is her dream job.” And so Gina was great at kind of accommodating that. In the beginning, it took us a minute to kind of figure out her best way of learning things and doing things. We had to really deconstruct, if you will,
the job for Breanne. There’s a lot of tasks here that she doesn’t do, and
there’s a lot of extra things that she does do. So, we really customized this
position for her. She comes in and works for about three hours a day and she loves on the animals. In fact, sometimes we have to tell her to go do other things because she loves the animals so much. But she scoops poop, she wipes down
walls, she gets meals ready, she sets up kennels for the end of the day, so that
when they go to bed at night they’re all ready to be tucked in, and then, of course,
more loving on the dogs, which is her favorite part of the job. Breanne, this is her only internship and she was offered a job, and I’ve seen that happen
kind of across the board in Pathways to Careers, because of the discovery process. It’s brought out the best in Breanne. She loves loves this job. She’s definitely more confident. It’s like my husband says, everybody needs to feel like they’re
contributing, you know, to the world or to society and have something to do that
gives them some self-esteem and confidence. And so that’s really helped
her in that way. And it’s been wonderful to know that she was able to obtain a job doing something that she loves. So she has filled a much needed spot, honestly. And I tried to figure out how it was all gonna work and then it clicked one day. Well we just appreciate the opportunity and agencies that were involved, and it was very detailed in getting to know Breanne and what her skills were, and what she’d be good at and maybe what you know wasn’t going to work so good. I think there should be more programs like Pathways to Careers and more partnerships. That just means knew that we can serve more people in a more career-based meaningful program, than in just a job search program. That’s our goal to help the student to become gainfully employed through all these programs that we have, and resources that we were able to access to help the student be successful.

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