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Patra Frame: Your Job Search Value Proposition

What is your value proposition? What is a
value proposition? A value proposition is what you offer to an employer and in an economy
like this, every employer is looking at what’s in it for me when they look at potential hires.
So you need to be able to clearly demonstrate what’s in it for them and you do that by making
clear the value that you offer in terms of your past achievements in very specific ways. What did you do? What were the results of
those actions? And it doesn’t always have to be about money. You improve sales. You
cut costs. It does have to be specific, and it does have to be business related — really
relevant to that employer. Then you want to think about what are the
current keywords that are being used in your business and weave those into your stories.
For example, in my world I might have been a personnel manager at one point. Now the
word is human capital or talent management. So I don’t talk about just the recruiting
work I have done. I talk about talent management, which is the recruiting and the retention
piece, and make clear my value to an organization that way. You need to think about the exact same things.
What have you done? What were those results explained in terms of the current terminology.
And you need to take it one step further and demonstrate how you can help the company.
To demonstrate that you need to have direct knowledge of the company. You need to have
done your homework so that you know some issues that they are facing that your work would
help with. So a value proposition is the value that you
can create for a new employer. It’s critically important that you be able to put that across
in your resume, in your interviews, in your networking, so that an employer says, wow
I want to talk to that person because they could do something I really need.

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