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Philosophical Higher Education Blues

Philosophical Higher Education Blues We live in a world we have
built for ourselves. The quality of higher learning
determines the world we live in. In-depth learning enables
favorable future visions, – superficial learning may lead to
a widespread devastation, – sooner or later. Bad learning results in
bad research – and promotes inadequate
scientific knowledge. Implementing inadequate scientific
knowledge is dangerous. These negative impacts are
present in our everyday life. High quality learning, from the very
beginning of the studies, – will secure the future
positive prospects. High quality university teaching promotes
high quality academic learning. Good teaching is needed to make the
quality of science better. You must not fail in
university teaching. You must always be
an excellent teacher. Good academic teaching makes
students love science. It helps them to reach the highest
level of science. High quality academic teaching
promotes good learning. Good academic learning promotes
high quality research. Good academic teaching inspires students
for discovering new knowledge. If anybody still favors research
over good teaching, – or argues that the time used for
teaching equals loss in research, – (s)he will be guilty of
bad argument. It is a false dilemma. Future dystopias are
ruthless slave-drivers. Do not surrender to be a slave. Bad learning enslaves you. Good learning will set you free. Or, at least, it will give
you some consolation. Was it not a strange idea to
deliver this kind of blues lecture? But do you know the etymology for the
Finnish word luento (Lecture in engl.) No I don’t. There are such ancient meanings as
“recite a spell” or “sing a lament”. That must be your
personal etymology! Not necessarily! But shall we go have
a cup of coffee? Sure! Let’s get some coffee!

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