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PlayStation Careers | Software Engineering

PlayStation is a really good
intersection of technology and people. The people here are
incredibly smart, and you learn a ton while
getting new opportunities to grow and challenge yourself. We work in small teams, and we try to empower all of the
teams to do what they think is best for the product
and for their customers. If you have an idea, you can
actually bring it to the table and you can talk through it with
different people so that you can improvise on what
your basic scope was or what your basic idea was. We have a lot of infrastructure
and operational support like any big tech company, but our
project team is fairly small, and we deliver a
lot of big features, so you’ll be a major player. For a company this size, I
think we do a really good job continuously trying to keep it
down to earth and ensuring that our teams work
really well together and we do a really good
job working as a team. It’s really important to us that
we are providing the opening for our talent and our staff
to be creative, to explore, to innovate and do things that
the world has before never seen. One of the ways in which we
do that is regular hackathons. And the engineers and the
designers will build up whatever they can dream of,
however they want to build it, and come in and showcase that
for the rest of the company. Whenever we talk about stuff,
it’s like how can we delight our customers with what
we’re doing here. How can we deliver
them a better experience, and how can we have fun and
learn a lot during that process? That’s what I’m trying
to do on a daily basis. I’m trying to find new
things that will enhance that PlayStation experience. The number of customers, the
number of transactions per second that we support are
really unique sets of problems that we get to solve, and people
are really excited to come to work to try and
solve those problems. We’re releasing updates and
changes and experiments to market weekly for the vast
majority of our experience and for our portfolio. We’ve got a lot of different
clients using and experimenting with a lot of different things,
but we’re all working together to take the best of everything
and bring it back to a core set of services and libraries. For our software engineers it’s
really important for us that they have a connection to what’s
going on outside the company so that we can build a stronger
collaboration and communication around core technologies
that we are using here on a variety of
different PlayStation products. We are pushing the
boundaries of play, and I think that’s
what makes it exciting. Most of the things we work
on get very high visibility, and you get a lot of very
passionate fans that comment on things that you work on, so that’s the most
exciting part for me. Everything you do touches
those millions of customers. And just the kind of impact that
you can have has an engineer, that’s just very
empowering and very fulfilling. The people here are
enthusiastic about the product, are enthusiastic
about their work, and that makes it a
joy to work here. A great place to work, a
great team to work with, and I’m extremely excited to
see where we go off to next.

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