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Q&A: TIPS for Women Career Restarters

I’ll be taking one question. Ruchi. I’ll be taking Ruchi’s
question. She has pointed out something
very interesting and she’s also pointed out
something which is quite a
fact that has been happening. Ruchi, this is the only a
matter of what the organization’s
policy is. All right. If you think see, one thing is if
the that your organization is
ready to take up because you are fulfilling certain
things for the organization. The same checklist goes for you as well. But when they select
you, you are also selecting a company so
understand apart from your role, apart from
the designation of from the one that you’re doing.
Is the organization fulfilling your checklist also
or not? That is the time you’ll need to
take a step back and
understand that I am good for them. Are they good for me? It’s as simple as that. Let me know if I can. If you want me to elaborate on. Oh also as that you what
several steps behind in the career front. How do I catch up? I think it’s more of a sprint
that you need to take. So when you take 10 step back you are also in a position to
take a higher jump forward. Also see if you want to take a
higher jump. Otherwise you’ll keep walking. So it is either time for you to
jump. And why jump with you
understand what I mean. Or you can continue to work. I’m often I’m taking up the
second question. Give me a minute to read. I’m often embarrassed to update my social media profiles, because I’m
just on a career break with my family but my
friends from schools and
colleges are doing amazing things. What can I show as my
achievements when I have none? This is a very valid question. I completely understand what
you mean by this. Asha. Understand one thing. Everyone works on their own timeline. Alright. If you are at a particular
pause in your life someone may be at a particular
pause in their lifetime in
their timeline as well. What if they’re not. It’s just their timeline. The most important part here is
the reason for this embarrassment is becuse, It’s not well embraced or it is
not well accepted by you
first. And that needs to happen. If you think that the reasons
for your career break are valid enough, it’s choice that
you have taken. I don’t see any point for you
to not embrace it or for you to not accept it or
happily. And the kind of time that you are spending right now
while you are on a career break and how happy you are
because of it. That in itself is a very big
achievement. Apart from this, at the
professional-level, at the learning level there
are a lot of things that you
can now actually do while you are
on a break that others have not got an opportunity to
do. Imagine you are in a space of
opportunity, others might want to do something that they’ve
not been able to do because of their timeline but
because you have that opportunity right now, Do something that you wanted to
do. Learn something that you wanted to learn. Explore or
experiment something that you always
wanted to do. It could be as simple as making a different cuisine or a
different dish and post that
up. You learnt something. You
tried something and it came out
fantastic. Why don’t you put that up? This is one of the examples. Any other examples. I say identify your interest right. You must be having you know
some qualities that others are not having
right. So as Fatema has rightly
pointed out, if you like designing right, design
something creative.
Show to the world. What you have done it? Right. if you are good at cooking.
Right. Post in the group. In this way,
never lose your confidence. I would say pursue your
interest, whatever interest you are having,
or if you have a plan to return back to the corporate This time you can utilise for the upskilling right. You can do some courses so that
when you are joining back the corporate your skills will
be updated.
Right. So you can take the call based on this.
OK. Also, Asha, when you say what
can I show as my achievements when I have none? I It’s more like a
deflection. You also need to avoid such self-talks with yourself. Also, because that may just demotivate you. As I told
you take this case as an opportunity
to do something that you are getting to do and
which those are not getting to do.
Point is not to compare, as I told you, keep this thing in
mind. It is your timeline and you are working on your timeline and what
their timeline is they are completely working on their timeline. So it cannot be matched. I’m taking a question from the
Deepika Jain where she says I’m in a NON-IT role. How feasible it is to ask for
flexible working hours during
an interview? Oh I’ll give you this example from
the yesterdays interview that we had. Oh we again had one of the
application applicants coming
from jobsforher. As Ankit said that we’re
very open to having people coming from jobsforher
and we actually take those
applications on priority, and we really enjoy interacting with them. So this is something that I heard from them and this is
something that I learned from
the yesterday’s interview that
Deepika try and be as though neutral and as light as
possible because it’s an interview you
might not know. You might know about the
functionalities, you might know about the rules and
responsibilities but when it
comes to the actual KRA’s, your
actual responsibility that is
something you will learn only a period of Let’s say your first few
months. So understand where are these
opportunities or what are those particular
tasks in a day which you think you’ll be able to
pick up from home. But yes. It is a good practice to ask
that is working from home enabled
as a part of my current profile? Just ask these. Get a yes or no
and see if that helps you take your call. If they say yes they will also
elaborate as to what are those different
situations or urgencies where this work
from home can be enabled and if they see
upfront no, It’s an absolute transparency
that will help you take your

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