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QUT Free careers and employment workshops for international students

Hi, my name is Heather and I am from China. I am an international student at QUT and am
currently doing my Masters degree my major is Human Resource Management. Well there are a number of workshops that
the Careers and Employment department provide. The one I have attended is the workshop aimed
to improve the skills of international students to seek their jobs and develop their careers
in an Australian context. One thing I really like about these workshops
is that it helps international students identify the areas and the problems when they are looking
for jobs and they are planning their careers and developing their careers in Australia. Also, I really enjoyed the class environment. You know that one that I attended had maybe
about ten students. We had a lot of fun in such a class environment. We also learnt a lot of skills, knowledge
and techniques international students need to understand in an Australian context – Such
as, how to write a resume, how to be good and skilled in your interview, how to address
the selection criteria and how to understand Australian culture especially the employment
market. So it’s a really great workshop and I would
really love to recommend this workshop to every international student. Careers and Employment department run their
workshops very frequently. There are many different workshops that run
every week and the students can register their interest online. Before I attended these workshops I had no
idea about how to write a resume and how to talk to Australian employers. More importantly, I feel more confident when
talking to employers now. I feel my confidence is really from the workshops
offered by Careers & Employment department.

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