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Regan Grimes | What It Takes To Be A Pro Bodybuilder | Ep. 2

I’m pretty happy with what I see in the
mirror but I know I can always be better so every day I’m just chasing to to dig
deep and do whatever I can to make my physique better every other day I do abs or I do lower
back extensions so with my cardio and then now we are just getting starbucks
and I’m bringing I always bring a coffee home to the wife and obviously for myself I
grab one and kind of get gets my day rolling hey everybody Regan Grimes welcome to my crib
we’re now living in our new home here so we had to come in here get all new
furniture all new stuff and it’s it’s been a it’s been a blessing though
because you know it’s really really kept me busy during this time of prep keeps
me on my feet and and keeps my mind away from like just kind of lounging around
and like waiting for that next meal I have a lot of stuff I can do so I used
to race motocross guys and just my last birthday June 26 I purchased another
dirt bike for the first time in probably probably seven or eight years so it’s
really cool you know a lot of memories good times I used to go to the track
every weekend with my dad and my brother and it was just what we did so we raced
that nationally and it was a lot of fun a lot of injuries bodybuilding has been
better that way but both sports are very extreme have this app every morning I step on
the scale and get my weight and then I pretty much right after that I’m gonna
take a little video of me posing and I send it to my coach and then he adjusts
sometimes the day of he’ll make an adjustment or the day the next day so
yesterday when I woke up I was 249.2 and then he said to have a high day plus
a cheat meal so last night we had like tons of food let’s see what our weight is
today I bet you tomorrow that weight is below 249.2 we’re not looking to lose any weight it’s not it’s not anything to do with the weight
we’re just trying to change the composition so I could be putting on
muscle right now so it’s kind of tough to like say I need 5 pounds of lot of
weight lost you know so alright so I’m gonna take that little video for my
coach and then get that sent off to him and let’s see what the game plan is for
the day running businesses bodybuilding family you have to have a balance and
then in bodybuilding when you’re doing competition you pretty much have to be
all-in right you got to make sacrifices is a very selfish sport there’s things
that you need to put aside that you know maybe you don’t wish you had to but in
order to be the best you have to and there’s just no way around that look at this vic’s already making a
shopping list oatmeal eggs I love this thing you can
like put you put down things and then Oh rice rice cakes too she loves her rice
cakes hey you stay away this is not for you dad needs these gainz you already
ate and you little rascal at any level bodybuilding is expensive because you
got to follow a diet I mean just to buy your chicken alone you could be looking
at a couple hundred dollars you know a week or a month you know it’s very very
expensive when I was starting I go to school and then I would go training and
then I had a part-time job to pay the bills I moved away from my hometown when
I was when I went to my first year of college I was like 18 and you know that
you have to grow up very fast and you know you need to learn to do things for
yourself and I think it was one of the best things I ever did because I had to
learn life myself and you know I had to work for what I have welcome to my gym flexplex muscle and
fitness this is where I turn pro a lot of
memories man when I first opened this gym I had a bed in the back I worked
what like 24 hours I literally lived here I had a microwave I’d go to farm boy get
my food for like already cooked I would microwave I would do like
oatmeal I would do shakes I would do cream of rice and I just made it work man
but I lived here and you know we just made it happen
it was not always easy at the beginning it was a real hustle but it was a
dream of mine and I wanted to do whatever it took to make it come true the ultimate goal for me would be to be
up on the the Olympia stage battling out for first and second man I just I think
that it there’s like when I see those videos of Ronnie and Jay like there’s
nothing that fires me up more than that there’s some days you know where
you’re like okay things aren’t popping and things are
this certain scenarios but then you got to kind of know the vision like what you
can be so I always like feel like think the law of attraction like if I want to
get bigger biceps I want to grow bigger arms I think about it visually and then
I’m gonna make it happen I’m pretty happy with what I see in the mirror but
I know I can always be better so every day I’m just chasing – to dig deep and
do whatever I can to make my physique better alright guys welcome to my old
neighborhood so we moved from the east end of the
city to the northwest and it’s like pretty much like a different city inside
like the East End here it’s very like rough every three days there we’d see
police this is our house right here number 36 this isn’t a house that I was
ever like proud to be in or anything now we did I did buy it when I was 22 you
know I was very lucky to be able to do that it was a very cheap place
and luckily over the four years it ended up being a very good investment you
know wasn’t ideal for me to live here but it is what it is and it got me to
where I am today so I’m happy about the process I had a lot of projects a lot of
ideas a lot of things in my life that you know come up and I want to do them
and maybe I’ll start them maybe I’ll spend a few days and then maybe I’ll
spend a few months on them and I don’t end up finishing them and body building
is just one of those things that I have never ever doesn’t matter what time of
day I get my ass to the gym and I love it there’s no there’s no if ands or buts
I’m getting the training in if I’m not on a regimen on a diet and I’m not
training I’m like not happy like it’s just those two things making make me
happy and if those two things are like working everything else is it is great

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