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Rivalry Game For The Ages | NCAA 14 Team Builder Dynasty Ep. 84 (S7)

Welcome back to the UGF Pandas!

100 Replies to “Rivalry Game For The Ages | NCAA 14 Team Builder Dynasty Ep. 84 (S7)”

  • I'm going to miss this series. I've spent 84 episodes and 7 seasons with the Pandas, and they'll always be the NCAA team of my heart.

  • I’ve always loved this series since the bj Hale and will Horton days I’ve never really waited so anxiously for a series so it’s gonna be sad to see them go thx for always grinding and putting in work for us Big Ole Drewskie

  • As much as it saddens me, I think it is a good time to end my All-Time favorite Youtube series, The UGF Pandas. The Pandas have done it all and clawed their way to the top from the scrap heap of college football. I just hope NTE starts again. New crappy team. Same hilarious sound effects and sense of humor. I want to go on this roller coaster ride again! #Pandasforever

  • This series has meant a lot to me.
    While I find it hard to fully latch on to YouTubers and stay up to date with their uploads, this channel and series was different. For whatever reason, I kept coming back and eagerly anticipated the next episodes of this series. It struck me as odd initially because there are a LOT of YouTube channels dedicated to playing sports video games, and most of them go with whatever Madden game is currently out. And for a short time, these were the channels and videos that I went through. I probably watched 30 different Madden-play videos just to have something to entertain me in the time between other activities one has in life. As I made my rounds (rounds that included some of the personnel in NTE's other videos that met up with him a few months back), I came across a few fun-sounding videos from NTE. While these videos are fun, it was the series' that made me go back and check in one his output. I noticed of these series was a Colts franchise on Madden, which had me a pick interested, but then again wasn't really the thing that I was feeling. Around this time I had been looking for videos and gameplay that showed features on NCAA Football that weren't necessarily the season mode. I had friends telling me about how interesting and fun these game modes are, so I decided to go searching for those. And after a few missteps, I found myself right back at NTE when I noticed he had just started a series on NCAA 14. Finally, there was a gut feeling that told me to check it out. By this point NTE had only about 5 or 6 episodes out, and I didn't really want to play catch-up… but I did. Usually it's difficult to catch up with anything, whether it be YouTubers, TV shows, or even stuff in my own life that has nothing to do with any of this (we're not going into detail here). But once I caught up, I actually got CAUGHT UP with this series. It was interesting to be on the journey with NTE and see how his school would evolve from a small Sun Belt team to a national powerhouse independent of any conference. I would be lying if that pass to clinch the first championship didn't make my big ol' self get a big emotional. After everything UGF and NTE went through to get to this moment, it felt satisfying and cinematic. And that's a compliment to NTE's game-playing ability and his skills with being entertaining without flashing gimmicks or over-the-top reactions. Throughout the series Drewski was always professional about how he played and never started yelling or crying or anything else over-the-top that plagues many sports gameplay YouTubers. His often dead-pan delivery made me chuckle many, many times and every time he mentions a 4th down and a certain small measurement, I had to back it up a few seconds and make sure I heard that right. I laughed very hard many times, sometimes being loud enough to wake up a family member on the other side of the house. Because of my job, I come home late and often eat a very, very late dinner before heading off to bed. I mention this because I often have food brought home with me or have to prepare some, which is what I do at my job so I'm not too keen on cooking at 2am. But every time I was going to head home and saw that Drew uploaded, it made me smile, knowing I had something for sure to watch when I ate. It's a small thing, but so, so many meals have been consumed with the Pandas on my laptop or phone screen in front of me. I even remember heading up north of where I live on a small vacation and watched the new Pandas video the first night in my hotel room. I'm not the biggest fan of hotel beds, but there was something comforting about being bundled up for the night with the lights out and a good UGF game playing on my phone. And that could be said for the many nights I watched as I got ready for bed and got under the covers with the video still playing. Many a time I would be all ready to go to sleep and the last thing I watched beforehand was a Pandas game, which I think may have helped me get to sleep better than nights without it. It's just so satisfying to see a series evolve without ever getting old or repetitive and I've been so thankful that Drew has always been himself and never truly hammed it up for more views (although I am unsure if this is true, but it sounded fairly grounded to me). So it saddens me that the next episode is the last. It was a huge shock at the end of this video and I had to play it back a few times to fully wrap my head around it. For the last year or so I've been hyped every time Drewski shows up in my subscriptions, and it will still happen, but it won't be the Pandas. I do respect Drew's decision to bring the series to a conclusion and hope that he continues with his other YouTube series, especially his Madden series with the Knights. While it won't be the same as the Pandas, I will be watching every new upload for that series and any other videos he gives us. So after all those late nights watching, preparing a small dinner, nights in bed, and small vacations with the Pandas, I will say a very sad goodbye for the next video. I'm actually surprised at myself for leaving a comment this long as I usually don't comment at all, but I wanted to share my thoughts here and now, before the end of the series. As I wrote out this overlong comment, I was surprised at how emotional I was getting. Not that I'm choking up or anything, but it's just an odd feeling that for the first time ever, we won't get any new Pandas videos. There was always a feeling that the series would continue and I was always eager to see the development of players and the new storylines for that season. I do suppose a few national championships will make the series a bit stale for some, but I was pumping my fists in the air every time they won. And that's another thing about the series: I got invested in the team. I started treating the games like they were real outside of the video game and every play for the Pandas had me clapping and every negative yard or turnover had me grunting with disgust. I can't believe how invested I got with this series, especially since no other YouTube series has ever been this important to me. And before I go off on another long anecdote, I want to thank Drew for all he's done with this series and I commend him on a job well done. You've made one person very, very happy with this series. Much obliged.

  • Thank you, Drew, for this amazing series. It's never failed to exciting from the games themselves to the storylines. From becoming familiar with the players to enjoying your commentary. I can't wait to see what you're going to think of next.

  • If he scripts the next game and keeps it close on purpose again like he did the first time they played Im unsubscribing.

  • The next one is gonna be the last one?! That’s so sad 🙁 I loved this series even more than any pewdiepie series that’s for sure. It will be missed

  • I enjoyed this series, but I will say imo it's ran it's course. I do so look forward to the final episode this it will be epic. Here's some things I would like to see in future videos:

    1. A new series in NCAA 14 with a new created school

    2. the continuation of the London Black Knights series

    3. A return to Madden '19 with the annual "What's the best division/ Position tournament.

  • Going to miss this, not going to lie. This series has made me realize how painfully obvious a mode like this in Madden or a new NCAA is needed. I've been wanting to buy a PS3 just so I can play NCAA 14 and experience this for myself.

  • It has been 3 days since NTE told us that the series is ending and now depression is starting to set in. I have 2 kids, I shouldn't be this obsessed over a YouTube series but it takes me back to simpler times. #ncaa14forever #dontgopandas

  • This isn’t goodbye, this is see ya later.
    Don’t be sad it’s over, but glad it happened.
    Throw on any other cliches about things ending.

  • Damn man this series brought back my time of fun years where I would stay up doing dynasty mode…. I miss this game and hope to see it come back soon. Thank you Big Old Drewski

  • Can there be some kind of post pandas thing? like maybe involving an NFL career with Andre Avery or pursue the London black knights more or I guess no question like a sim to the end? I will miss the pandas so much

  • Sad to see, but I get it. The point of the series was to rebuild, he did and now it'll just be championships every year, which night be boring.

  • One my my favorite series on YouTube, and I have never missed and episode. I will definitely be a UGF Panda for life; NotTheExpert you are a Legend Sir!

  • Ryan Ward is one of my all-time favorite Pandas. He's vastly underrated, methinks. I'm a big fan of his game. Just look at this play: 15:00.

  • Wish we could see Richard Brown play his career and then be done, but nevertheless, been a great series.

  • This National Championship is going to be lit!

    Will Andre Avery Spoil the UGF 3 Peat? Or will the Pandas dynasty continue?

  • I loved season one and two, but it seems like the last couple seasons the game play is way too easy and nte wins every game. I think after this season it's time to up the difficulty.

  • Make a new dynasty! I loved ugf! Iwill be very sad to see it go… Hopefully ull move on to a new college and bring it up from the ashes!

  • So many missed opportunities….Two dopped INT's….one would of been a pick six!! URG man! Great feed though man, officially subscribbed!

  • It was a great series but all good things come to an end. I love your work and look forward to what comes next!

  • Traded away a 99 who ended up being a Heisman all for “speed” purposes. What a joke. Their speed was about the same. Didn’t play Holley all year. This dude has a learning disability.

  • Not The Expert should call out EA about Team Builder being broken for the past 8 months. Drew has a platform and can light a fire underneath their buns #SaveTeamBuilder

  • Missed open man and decides to throw to a receiver covered by 3 guys.
    *receiver drops it.
    NTE- “what how does he miss that”

  • Your user Defense is horrendous every big play was a bad angle or you abandoning your guy in coverage . Fun video though

  • The end of UGF truly is the end of an era. This series is what introduced me to this channel. I'll enjoy other series but there is only one UGF.

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