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Robert D. Siano, Esq.: I Had to Change My Career Goals

(heroic orchestral music) – Hi, my name is Robert Siano. And I am a former
musician turned attorney. Here to speak about perseverance. In particular, to myself,
and my personal struggle, to where I am, and where I wanna go. When I was younger I was in a rock band, and I did everything and
anything I could, to make it big, which meant getting signed to a label. It didn’t happen. And it killed me. It killed me the day I realized that the band was not going to make it, and I had to choose a different path. Luckily for me I got into law school, and I had to adjust to being an attorney, wearin’ a suit, goin’ to
work five days a week, rather than playin’ a
show in your underwear and gettin’ paid for it. A difficult adjustment. And I had to change my career goals, where now I wanted to become
a successful attorney. But I didn’t know what I wanted to do. Intellectual property entertainment law seemed the logical step,
because I love music. And I’m happy that I’ve persevered and built the clientele of musicians, that I get to watch and see them grow, and hopefully I watch one of them blow up as big as I wanted to be. Give me some sort of satisfaction to see, that maybe I was a part of something, in the entertainment world. That’s what I mean by perseverance.

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