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Royal Bank of Canada Career Opportunities

With Michael Adamcryck, Regional Vice President, RBC Financial The mission and purpose is actually to help you and the other people of our region create their “someday” which, it sounds like a little bit facetious, but “someday” is “what do you want to do”? Because we happen to know that the average person doesn’t want a mortgage the average person want to buy a house. Nobody wants to have an RRSP what they want to do is safe for their future. Nobody wants to invest in an RESP they want to send their kids, or grandkids to college. So our job is to help create what that “someday” is. So first of all, understand what somebody’s trying to do and then use our financial advice to help them get there. Maybe even a little bit quicker then they expected. In the Kingston-Quinte area that we’re talking about now, that encompasses those 200 people, I like to divide it up into a couple different ways. So we have what we call individual contributors, people that are responsible for their own results and that’s typically where someone would join our company. So, into either sales, or service. So when you walk into a branch you’re first person you’re greeted by is somebody on our service team and they’re responsibility is to help you with that transaction and find out what else you’re going to do. Then we have individual contributors on our sales side. We have people that- all the way from salaried employees to full commission employees. Each of them responsible for their own results. Then we have leadership potential in our area too and I like to talk about leadership form two different lenses We have sales leadership, so you’re responsible for a team of sales people and we have market leadership. So we have other people that I work with that are responsible for the entire market and area such as financial planning, for more complex individuals as they move through their financial career, or small business. And we have a mobile banking team. When you’re looking at how you’re going to progress your career and get into that role, information doesn’t come in 140 characters. What it is on 140 minutes sitting face-to-face with people that actually do the job that you’re interested in. We have a vast network of people in not just in Royal Bank across financial institutions and all hiring companies in Kingston and Quinte sit down with them, reach out. Everybody is willing to talk about their career and their company. And not just to get a job, but to gather information. The other thing is take a look in your past what have you been involved with? If you were the captain of your high school hockey team, if you volunteer for Scouts or Girl Guides, as a leader, as a “brown owl”, or whatever we call them now in girl guides. That shows us that you have a chance at leadership. That leadership is something that excites you. Look at what you do outside of the work world and start applying that to your process on finding jobs, ‘cuz you’ll find that your passion in your in your volunteering and your outside activities is gonna correlate with a passion at work. And that’s gonna really come through when you start talking to people. I need diversity of thought. And that’s where a college graduate, with their applied learning comes in is very important to my business. So I want people that are learning diversity of thought and as they learn those applied skills in college then they come into our organization and provide us with that diversity of thought and that proactive applied thinking to help change our organization as we move through the future.

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  • RBC is not a top employer, they are known within the industry as the REPRESSIVE BULLYING CORPORATION. XENOPHOBIC, RACIST, HOMOPHOBIC AND ISLAMOPHOBIC TO THE CORE!

  • WARNING: Diversity of Thought? What a Hypocrite you are Michael Adamcryck! If you are a recent graduate stay away from this corporation and all their sectors, capital markets, insurance, retail and commerical banking, medical health professional team etc they are trying to lure the best talent they do not deserve it. If you are non white, non anglophone, LGBT and Muslim stay far away from this company and all their entities, they will not treat you with any equality. These vps at rbc are corporate cannibals.

  • apply for a job in Trinidad. rbc has a branch office there. Why? Trinidad is at the northern end of South America. The notorious drug dealers of S.A, in vest in rbc Invest lol. rbc launders the drug dealers money somehow. rbc is corrupt and crooked.

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