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Running A Non-Profit Organization With A Law Degree

Marc Luber: Hey everyone – welcome to JD
CareersOutThere – where we get you career advice from fellow lawyers and non-practicing
lawyers – to help you achieve success and happiness in your career. In law school, you learn how to think, read
and write like a lawyer. We’re here to help you enjoy your career
– and a big part of that is finding a path that excites you – so we’re gonna look
at one of those paths today. I’m Marc Luber – and today we’re exploring
careers in the Non-Profit space. Whether you’re a Do-Gooder or a Sports Fan,
you’re gonna like today’s interview! Today we’re talking to Greg McLaughlin,
the President and CEO of the Tiger Woods Foundation, which helps disadvantaged kids to go to college! I asked Greg to tell us about the mission
of the organization and how he goes about achieving that mission as President and CEO. I think this gives us a great look at the
two sides of things he’s overseeing as the leader of a Non-Profit: fundraising through
exciting events and helping society by educating children. Take a look! Greg McLaughlin: The mission of our organization
is really focused around college access. We try and provide opportunities, really for
disadvantaged kids, to give them an opportunity to go to college. We have two main programs: Tiger Woods Learning
Centers, which we have based in Orange County; Washington, D.C.; Stuart, Florida and Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania, and they provide career exploration for youth. Give them an opportunity, really, to find
out what it’s like to be an engineer, doctor, lawyer. Main focus is really around science technology,
engineering, math but we veer a little bit outside of just the STEM-based. Then the second program we do is really all
around college scholarships. So we provide resources, including actual
scholarships, mentoring, internships, but we also provide everything from SAT prep to
how to get Pell Grants and, in essence, Princeton Review for a variety of different added enrichment
programs for the kids. So for us, again, it’s all about college
access. Luber: That’s fantastic! How many people are employed by the organization? Greg McLaughlin: Approximately 60 full-time
employees here and then we’ve got an office actually in Washington D.C. also. Luber: Excellent. So how does the organization go about achieving
its mission and how do you specifically, as President and CEO, go about achieving that
mission? Greg McLaughlin: Well our staff basically
is almost split in half, program-related. Many of them are accredited educators that
really focus on just the two programs, the learning centers as well as our scholarship
program. The other half, really, are supporting the
overall programs through fundraising. We do about 5 large, national events, which
about 85% of our income comes through these events, as well as just straight philanthropy. So I’ve got a fairly robust event staff,
communications as well as a finance and back-of-house, really, that help the organization function. So we mainly raise money to try and fund our
programs. That’s where we spend most of our time. Luber: What are these events? Greg McLaughlin: The 5 events mainly are 3
PGA Tour golf tournaments, including the AT&T National in Washington D.C, the Deutsche Bank
Championship outside of Boston and the World Challenge which is held in Thousand Oaks,
California about an hour north of here. Then we also do a benefit concert in Las Vegas,
which is called Tiger Jam, which is in its 15th year. Then we do a private event up at Pebble Beach
called the Tiger Woods Invitational. So those five events. We do some smaller ones also, but those are
all with Tiger. He has a fairly large presence with our donors
and we spend a great deal of time on those. Again, about 85% of the money comes in through
those fundraising events and the balance, really, just through straight philanthropy
and individual corporate donations. Luber: Excellent! I love it! Sounds like fun. I’m sure there’s a lot of people watching
right now who are in law firms, wishing they could be doing what you’re doing. So I want to get to how your law degree fits
into all of this, but first I want to talk about………He’s got a cool job, right?! Greg is proof that there are really great
things you can do with your JD. In the full interview, Greg’s gonna tell
us more about what it’s like to run a Non-Profit organization – and he tells us how having
a JD helps on a daily basis. He also tells us how to evaluate whether the
non-profit world is for you – and he shares some solid tips about breaking in to the non-profit
space and when you should do it. You can find the full interview at And you can take a shortcut to the site by
going to If you’re already at the site, you can scroll
down to the full version – be sure to become a member so you can watch the full interview
and get access to lots more exclusive content filled with great advice. Thanks again for watching everyone – I’m
Marc Luber and look forward to seeing you again soon. Take care.

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