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Ruswai Episode 10 | 3rd December 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

Hamza… sister in law, I’ll call you in a while she disconnected the call what are you doing here? aunty, I’ve left my house nobody has right, to put conditions on Hamza but this… this is not right this is wrong… mom, what is wrong in this? sister in law has done absolutely right if they will not do the marriage properly, then sister in law will obviously come in this manner welcome home Rohina! what non-sense you are talking? no need to become so wise mom… mom, the water is finished again…. what is this problem on regular basis? what is she doing here? ask her… I’ve come here, leaving my home I won’t go back aunty, this is my house… right? makes sense… alright then… not is not right, at all ask her to go back to her house since she has come, so she has not come to any stranger’s house and aunty, this is my legal right I’m daughter in law of this house hmm…. you have done absolutely right your mom, dad & brother worth this… you are right and now you won’t leave not at all they are together blackmailing us hmm… by the way sister in law, you have come on the perfect day today our favorite movie is released, so we are going to watch that… and after that we have got a plan for dinner oh OK, OK… as if I’m totally free for your plans let’s go this is not a joke Wardah, you go back Sameera, why aren’t you understanding? this is the only way, to make my family learn the lesson Wardah, we don’t need to make anyone realize anything if you don’t want to … then don’t But I have to make them realize if I can’t get into a relationship with Salman, without any condition so, I don’t want any such relation but it is not appropriate to do all this but I believe, whatever Wardah is doing, is right Exactly as you sow, so shall you reap hmm…. it’s good that you are here if you people have to make all the decisions then what is the need of parents then? you won’t be having any objection, if you are called in the court? No… I don’t have any objection I’m ready to give testimony in the court for Sughrah and if there is any other problem, you can contact me sign here… tell me one thing, Sughrah don’t you feel scared? why should I be afraid?
they should be scared I’m not afraid of them at that time also, I had smashed a person’s head no need to spare them I will not spare them very good you are very brave thank you so much doctor you have made all the proceedings very easy may God gives you a lot of happiness you are a great father father like you, doesn’t exists eat it, you won’t die it doesn’t make any difference, if someone dies give it to others, why are you after me? does your dad owns any factory? because you keep distributing the chips among all dad? are you serious? I’m so sorry Shit! it’s ok Sunny, I’m really sorry… I don’t know how it slips out of my mind, that your father has died it’s ok are you alright? everything was alright, till yesterday but today, everything has got ruined what is this non-sense life is so weird is everything ok? don’t know a person can find closure, if it’s a death but on injustice, closure is not there … but I get angry everything must have changed, after your father’s death nothing as such we were just short of one man only and the most important thing is that everyone is trying to take his place but they don’t know that father has never occupied any space Sunny! I’m also coming Dr. Madeeha told me, that you have discharged Sugrah yes… she is completely fine now much healthy and brave than before this incident has made her very brave can I ask a question? will you be able to go to the court for the testimony? yes, why not? interesting… you will fight the battle of Sugrah, by taking back your case Dr. Sameera you are betraying you are just consoling yourself I’m absolutely sure, that… Sughrah won’t be needing your testimony at all you weren’t even able to fight your own battle so, how you’ll fight for hers? my matter is different I’m somebody’s wife so you assume, that you have made them happy? good you know what? Sameera…. you have not opted for the right path you have chosen an easy path this type of courage is only found in ladies like “Mukhtara mai” (a gang-rape survivor) this society will punish me for the lifetime but, why shall I punish my family? doctor, I have got one sister I have got a mother, and a family and we all are tied in strong relationships
not liberal, as you are No… not attending the call I had told you… not to put these conditions now bear the consequences it will look great, when society will say daughter, went at the in laws house without getting marriage reception done so, please do something now, Ariz what can be done… she won’t get convinced her nikkah (paper marriage) is done already…
legally she is right Salman… dear, please you do something do one thing, talk to Sameera… say to he, that send Wardah now so, we’ll do later whatever they want us to do,
right? my word will not make any difference it’s better, both of you go and talk yourself furthermore, we can’t do anything, except doing reception of Wardah’s wedding how can I face them? our own daughter is in their favor by the way, I’m sure Hamza would have provoked her for sure she cant do this by herself you go there, the same way you went to them along with your conditions… and talk to them *message tone* it’s Hamza’s message it’s not just my sister, it’s about your sister as well… Salman Wardah has come to me, at my house now, my sister has got ruined now tell me, what shall I do with your sister? he has come on the extent of black mailing now just end all this take out some solution son, you have just got the solution of this matter what is this happening in the house? go… go & see whatever is coming in your children’s mind, they are doing I’ve got a message from Ariz, he was requesting that “its not right, that Wardah shall stay with us before the marriage reception” I was trying to solve the matter, your son came & took my cell phone from me, and went outside really! the criminals took my daughter for the whole night and no one has got any sympathy… their daughter is in the relationship of nikkah (marriage), from our house and she comes here, so they gets offended huh… Zakiya, on what basis you are taking revenge from Wardah? I wasn’t taking till now but now I will take you are trying to make the relationships, or trying to break them… I’m not getting this If Sameera will get shattered then Wardah will also get shattered to every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction so it has to be beared drink this water you are still going all this magic & spell things when you get time after praying then go and see in the room, whether Sunny is there or not that day, he wasn’t in the room the room was empty, when you were knocking you should have informed me what is the benefit of telling you? yes? you must be more disturbed I’m telling you now, so that we have to be on the same page, in front of Sunny by the way, this keep them keep these keys, I got the lock changed thank you… Hi! uncle how are you? good,good….
Umm… mom I think, my room’s lock has got damaged it hasn’t got damaged lock has been changed and… who gave you this right? Sunny, don’t misbehave no, no…. one second who has given you this right, exactly? this is my house… and of my dad and…
listen! you don’t need to get so emotional Ok? this will happen now… even if you like or not now only that will happen, what we want only who are “we”? “WE” means, I and your mother I’m sending tea for you, you get freshen up mom… its not been a year, since dad died No… only seven months Oh! I thought you have forgotten Sameera, brother is here…. and you don’t need to forgive him at all and keep conditions on conditions I am saying, we shouldn’t let them come inside, please yes, sister is law is absolutely right by this only, we can make the brother learn a lesson if both of you keep quiet, then I shall say something we aren’t saying anything I know, he is here to take me back I’ve called Salman look, Wardah I haven’t called you here, for Wardah he is her husband their nikkah (paper marriage) has been done already this is also Wardah’s house however the wedding reception is done Salman, a lot of conditions are being kept give me divorce… listen! the cards has been distributed already do you know this consequences of this? so you are worried about, that the cards are already distributed and what will happen then, when people will get to know that we haven’t go married? look, I’ve already got a problem with case and still I do have and Hamza shouldn’t have interfered like this he shouldn’t have taken any step, without seeking my permission we have our own relationship…
I mean our relationship has been made a spectacle now and spectacle ends, at one time you don’t respect me and the way, you are keeping the conditions you have lost your respect in my eyes I was a hurdle in your way, right? just think, it’s over you can leave now go… Hamza, why have you brought me here? take your bag
and go… what is it, I’ve been calling you for so long, why aren’t you receiving? because I don’t want to talk to you, and there is nothing left to say or to hear hey! at least, listen to me Ah… Listen Sameera… Sameera, listen
we need to talk what are you doing? why are you making it difficult for me, Salman? please go from here…
please.. Sameera, please why are you complicating everything? what has happened?
we need to talk if we’ll talk, then we’ll get the solution of this problem too yes Madeeha… where are you? you come quickly, Dr. Feroz will drop me home Ok… what? why are you going with Dr. Feroz?
I’ll drop you you go from here, how many times shall I tell you that, I don’t want to talk to you why are you standing here? we should talk, we can solve this matter together why are you coming again & again?
because of Wardah, right? it’s not the matter, Sameera it is the matter… you are not understanding anything yet whatever you are doing, you are doing what others are telling you to do spend some time with yourself, Salman and ask from yourself for whom, you came here? for Wardah? for me? or for your own heart? Sameera Sameera, I’m talking to you stop it, Salman
what non-sense is this Excuse me.. is everything alright? yeah, everything is fine I’m talking to my wife, please go it’s our personal matter it was our personal matter, but now, it’s not Sameera, you are my wife look, please go
Sameera has to go home who are you to talk, in between us? I’m talking to my wife so please Salman, it’s enough now
just stop it what shall I stop? I’m talking to my wife, who is he to speak in between us? stop it! I won’t let’s go, Dr. Feroz Sameera! Sameera… you were trying to ask, what all this is happening? when ways apart, then all this happens I thought he was concerned he came for his sister he is not at all worried about me I must say, you should have sit & talk if somebody wants to say something, then it should be listened you don’t know him I know him if tears fall for someone, then that person shall be given a chance it’s not possible you are not understanding anything yet whatever you are doing, you are doing what others are telling you to do spend some time with yourself, Salman ask yourself for whom you came here? for Wardah? for me? or for your own heart? I will do nikkah (paper marriage) directly you are to become the world’s luckiest person yes, it is right? look at her… no,stop! first of all, you are my friend
who knows everything about me always stay my friend always I’ve prayed a lot for you that’s why I’ve returned don’t go anywhere till marriage that’s my girl from today on wards, you are the captain thank you…
bye! bye! how you came in? Um… please listen to me for once please, I beg you please don’t do this to me Wardah has compelled you to do all this? it wasn’t right to do this case, Sameera not for us, nor nor for anyone else look, now your safety is my first priority at first, I couldn’t save you but now, I can save you please, Sameera get convinced please, get convinced… by any chance, if this marriage is done so will it be helplessness or love? I know, what is it for me but yes, for you… what you feel better is chose for yourself you have said to me, that… I should think well, I’ve decided and my heart has chosen love don’t you think… that we we shall give one more chance to our relationship? tell me the truth can you live without me? No, right? you have dropped Wardah, there what have you said to her? that’s mine & Wardah’s issue you can’t leave Wardah why? why can’t I leave? what’s special in her? she loves you doesn’t matter nothing matters anymore… these people doesn’t had good intentions, when the incident didn’t happened their intentions are not good today, and always will stay bad I’m the problem they don’t like me now, there is problem in Wardah as well now, I don’t like Wardah don’t know, who is right & who is wrong? much spectacle is being done not anymore what do you want? you have called off everything, by calling Salman at home… right? has he said anything to you, now? you have always accepted what I have asked you to? then, just accept my last wish also they are ready to take back their condition you also forget all these issues now Oh, Wardah, you are here
I was searching for you Wardah… make coffee for me also it’s been many days, I haven’t tasted the coffee made by you and yes…. I will eat the salad made by you I missed it what is it? everything will be OK…
you will find someone else you’ll find someone else, and I’ll also find someone seriously, brother? yes, what else? there are plenty of guys out there you’ll see you will stay very happy I can’t think about anyone else, than Hamza oho… I was kidding Hi! where is everyone? Hello! how are you all?
how are you Rohina… Hi! good? what happened to her? she is upset sister in law? you phone was switched off, so we came without even informing mom is waiting in the car we have to buy the jewelry for the wedding you are coming along, right? what do you mean? means … that I was joking we were just pulling you leg… what is it? I’ve talked to Sameera you are getting married… and I’m also really! yes… Really! I was just pulling your leg stop crying now Sameera has done, what you want so, she wouldn’t have done, why is she doing? she shouldn’t do, whatever is in her heart… she should do shouldn’t get married… shouldn’t come to my house I’ve just got only one son whole family has trapped him the child, who never use to drink the used water of somebody, Ariz for him, I’ll bring such wife in the house? fear God she is our daughter in law it’s all your fault, Ariz now, I’ll get my son married to this girl! our generation will go ahead from this girl? please find a solution for this these people are standstill on their decision they are stuck to my son, as a leech you have gone crazy absolutely crazy you don’t use your mind at all just realize we have got our daughter married in that house if Wardah heard this, then you know…what will happen? she will take all her stuff, and will got o Mehmood’s house then you will go there, shedding tears…
for the respect of the family listen to me, let this marriage happen with happiness just stop all this protest alright then let Wardah be of that house, for now but you won’t speak in between so what you’ll do? whatever I’ll do, you’ll not speak in between at all… Salman… dear, you haven’t got ready yet? yes, yes.. just getting ready give this to me thank you… I know how you feel, darling I’m fine.. mom
I’ll do it you are not right, Salman I know, what is going on in your mind Huh… but now, it’s in the fortune love, asks for everything then, darling you love Sameera a lot, right? hmm? of course…. I’m having a little headache
can you get me something? my poor child it’s all nerves, I know let me get a nerve relaxant for you, Ok? thanks… So that you can relax a bit take this, Salman have this… thanks, mom both of them? yes take both of them, you’ll feel relaxed Huh… it’s gonna be Ok let’s go… everyone must be waiting sit down… relax for some time, then we’ll leave no, let’s leave now… I’m fine are you sure? yeah… yeah come then… wow my daughter is looking very beautiful Sameera my child relationships are made with so much difficulty but can be broken very easily it is very difficult to make place in the hearts but, I… I trust you that you, along with yourself will never give a chance to testify your brother’s relationship ever whatever issues Salman & Salma have for you in their hearts just forget all of them keep the basis of new relationship with a good heart the relationship is old but now, I have to accept it from the new beginning please, don’t worry you won’t ever get any complain from my side ever stay blessed may God always bless my child

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