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Schnitzel Eating Challenge vs 3 Australian Bodybuilders!!

Hey everybody this is Randy Santel
“Atlas” with Atlas & Zeus Promotions and proud owner of! Very
very excited tonight number one because i’m not going to be frickin eating a ton!
This is actually more of kind of a speed challenge, but I’m going for overall win
number 491 I’m in Wallsend, Newcastle in New South Wales I’m here with my
friends we’ve got Steve, Steve, and we have Matt, we have the actual record
holder for this challenge, we’re at the London Grove Hotel and we’re taking on
their Schnitzel Stack Challenge! We’ve got five schnitzels which equal about one
kilo, a little bit more then there’s about 500 grams of chips, then we’ve got
a very healthy salad and then we’ve all got some sauces and stuff to eat or
schnitzels with, but we’ve got 30 minutes to finish this challenge if you guys
ever want to try this challenge the base challenge if you do win, you get a free
t-shirt and you get up on the wall of fame and
you still have to pay fifty Australian dollars for the meal,
but because we’re doing an event tonight and thanks to all you guys watching
we’re going to get our meals free if we do finish but you guys ready? Let’s get
this challenge started! All right thank you to the Lemon Grove
hotel for getting this all together so we’ve got Steve over here he has the
record you did it a couple years ago, but eight and a half minutes was his
finishing time for all this food he’s gonna try to beat that tonight but we’ll
see what happens and these guys your first time trying right – yeah yeah yeah
so we’ll see what we can do but yeah now we can do the countdown! Seven minutes and 41 seconds the
official new record challenge it the Lemon Grove hotel but let’s get these
guys they still have over like over 21 minutes so yeah you guys got plenty of
time let’s get it done! We got Matt over here he’s dominating
not too far away from being done still plenty of time then the Steve’s over
here they’re both almost finished with their 10 minutes and 30 seconds and now
we’ve got Matt over here’s almost 1/2, he’s got one more schnitzel up after it
finishes this part. He’s at 12 minutes and 45 seconds so he
still has tons of time 16 minutes and 13 seconds so great thank
Good that all four of us got the win so great job guys your job to steve, we’ve
got Matt here, then we’ve got Steve over here but we’re all going to be on their
Wall of Fame we’re all going to get sweet t-shirts which just like this one
“Dude Versus Food” so thank you to the Lemon Grove hotel here in Wallsend in
Newcastle New South Wales what’d you guys think of the challenge? It’s
delicious! Now it’s time for dessert but thank you to the Lemon Grove
hotel thank you guys all for coming to watch there’s a very fun win #491
thank you guys for watching!

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