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School Board Spotlight: December 2019

Students at Menchville High school are leading
the charge to help feed our community this holiday season. For the sixth year, Menchville students organized
and collected non-perishable food items during their Thanksgiving Food Drive, to donate to
the Virginia Peninsula Foodbank. Through Lead 4 Change, the leadership program
that promotes student-led community service, Menchville’s Fare Share Team collected boxes
of donated food from each homeroom. After counting and organizing the donations,
the students helped the Foodbank load the food for delivery to the 23rd Annual Mayflower
Marathon Food Drive. Students from Menchville’s National Honors
Society helped unload and weigh the generous donation, which amounted to 1,610 pounds. The Virginia Peninsula Foodbank will turn
this one donation into 1,342 meals for families in Hampton Roads this holiday season. Every classroom has a Smartboard that teachers
use to create empowering learning experiences. Teachers collaborate with students using the
interactive and customizable board to make their thinking visible as they solve equations,
analyze data, and learn together. Elementary classrooms are equipped with 12
mobile devices, along with desktop computers, document cameras, and robots for coding. Students build their literacy skills by selecting
a book of their choice online with Epic!, reading along with the world’s best storytellers
through Storyline Online, or becoming an author themselves using Book Creator. Coding with a range of robots allows students
to collaborate and build essential critical thinking and problem solving skills. Teachers masterfully integrate digital tools
into every content area, as students take their first steps into a larger world. Students in middle school start their day
with a “Do Now” activity. A posted code on the Smartboard allows students
to join their classroom’s interactive lesson on their mobile device. Educators use Flip Grid, Nearpod, or Adobe
Spark to create customized lessons in all content areas. Google Classroom offers an interactive portal
where students access lesson content, turn in assignments, and collaborate with classmates
on group projects. Computer labs and mobile laptop carts ensure
more students have access to digital learning tools throughout each school. Students are even encouraged to bring their
own device to join the NNPS ‘Bring Your Own Device’ wireless network. And learning moves beyond the classroom walls
when interactive science lessons and virtual fieldtrips immerse students in a world of
learning. In each high school, students have access
to stimulating lesson content in technology rich learning spaces. Teachers offer virtual lessons in math and
science with PhET Interactive Simulations. They also create inspired learning experiences
and fuel collaboration using Desire2Learn, and quickly assess student progress through
gamification resources such as Kahoot!. Three NNPS high schools provide every student
with a Chromebook to take home, so learning can extend beyond the physical classroom,
while encouraging lifelong learning habits. Using cutting edge and relevant technology
while becoming responsible and productive Digital Citizens, our students are equipped
with the skills and knowledge to succeed in the 21st century. Four talented bands came together to showcase
their talent, energy, and musical skill. The Newport News Band Showcase was organized
by the band directors from Lee Hall Elementary, and Denbigh, Heritage, and Warwick high schools,
to offer an evening of harmonious excellence. 300 families, friends, and school staff packed
into Warwick High’s gymnasium as the Denbigh Marching Patriots, Heritage Marching Storm,
and Warwick’s Marching Raiders put on an impressive display of musical force. Each band took turns performing a range of
selections, while individual elements, such as flags, dancers, and drumlines, were given
a chance to shine. Lee Hall Elementary’s Crimson Thunder drumline
gave the high school bands a quick breather, while showcasing musical skills far beyond
their young age. Four collegiate programs were invited so upperclassmen
and families could browse their offerings. The event also served as a fundraiser supporting
the growth of all four musical programs. After a successful marching season, the Band
Showcase was a fun venue for students to share their collective musical talents. STEM careers are some of the most fascinating
and rewarding occupations available. Every year, the demand for highly skilled
employees grows substantially. And even though women are currently underrepresented
in STEM careers, the learning opportunities for young ladies continues to grow in Newport
News Public Schools. To help celebrate International Day of the
Girl, Heritage High school hosted a free Girl Powered Workshop for interested ladies in
4th through 8th grades. Members of Heritage’s robotics team, Cat
5 Cybercanes, developed fun and engaging activities for the students to gain experience and knowledge
about different careers in STEM fields. The high school students assisted the elementary
and middle school aged ladies with coding, 3D printing, electronics, and mechanical engineering. They were able to take home some of their
creations, but more importantly, they left the Girl Powered Workshop with a deeper understanding
of STEM careers, and the passion to pursue their dreams.

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