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School Education Gateway/Teacher Academy

Are you a teacher, a teacher educator,
or anyone involved in school education? You might be facing challenges in your daily work
in the classroom, in a rapidly changing society and want to find support or training opportunities
on how to respond to these challenges. The Teacher Academy is one of the many services
on the School Education Gateway which is Europe’s open platform
for school education. It is a single point of access to teacher
professional development opportunities. The Teacher Academy informs about
very popular on-site courses organised by training course
providers all over Europe. Some of these courses have already
been followed by other teachers and it has helped them
meet their training needs. To cover the cost for course participation,
schools can apply for support under the Erasmus+ programme, the EU Programme for education,
training, youth and sport 2014-2020. The Teacher Academy also offers
free online courses for teachers, teacher educators and anyone
involved in school education. These courses are specifically designed for the
School Education Gateway and for the requirements of teachers. They focus on today’s teaching challenges and
priorities set for the European school education. Teachers who want to participate
in an online course register on the Teacher Academy and complete the course
at their own pace, free and without any cost! And not only this… All online courses are
designed, developed and delivered with the guidance of the
Teacher Academy’s Pedagogical Advisory Board. This Advisory Board
is made up of top European experts in the field of e-learning and
professional development of teachers. Its aim is to provide guidance on the development of
the Teacher Academy and ensure the high quality of its courses. In addition to all these training opportunities,
you can find on the Teacher Academy a series of versatile teaching materials created by
eTwinning teachers, the community of schools in Europe, as well as other EU-funded projects
and European institutions. These teaching materials on various topics
such as Entrepreneurial Learning or Citizenship can support teachers
in developing their teaching methods to help learners acquire the right skills
in a rapidly changing society. So, why not sign up today to make use of
the opportunities the Teacher Academy can offer? Stay informed, get involved and
develop your skills… with the Teacher Academy!

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