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School Education Gateway

Are you a member of
the school education community in Europe? Would you like to know more about
European-level actions and initiatives for schools? Do you want to enrich
your career in education and participate in courses
for further professional development? Then, the School Education Gateway
is the right place to learn about and get interested
in European action for schools. It will provide you with
what you are looking for and even more! The School Education Gateway
comes in 23 languages and is Europe’s
open platform for school education. It builds on very positive experiences
with the eTwinning teacher community, a free platform for teachers to connect,
develop projects and share ideas in Europe. The School Education Gateway is freely
accessible by teachers, heads of schools, researchers, policy makers at local and
national level, private partners in education projects, beneficiaries of the Erasmus+ Programme, the EU Programme
for education, training, youth and sport 2014-2020, and any others
in the school education field. The School Education Gateway is the main meeting point
on European school education policy and practice. It wants to bring members of the European
school education community closer together, also with the view of
understanding each other’s needs when addressing the challenges of
school education in a changing social environment. The School Education Gateway
offers a wide range of services. You can get fresh insights into school
education policy and practice in Europe on changing monthly topics and learn about
the European key priorities and actions. You can discover publications, materials
and toolkits for teachers and school leaders to stay informed and to enhance your practice
and tackle the challenges in school education. You can listen to expert views and ideas
in articles and interviews on school education. You can find tools and information
to help you prepare an Erasmus+ application as well as partners from others countries
for joint Erasmus+ strategic partnership projects. You can find in the Teacher Academy
online and on-site courses as well as teaching materials
to enrich your career in education. And one more thing:
if you register on the School Education Gateway, you can engage with the site more efficiently
by posting your own announcements, rating and commenting the articles,
or join a forum discussion in the collaborative space. So, why not sign up today
to use these opportunities? Stay informed, get involved and
develop your skills… with the School Education Gateway!

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