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Impact environmental education carries
out projects with us with schools – primary schools – in our LGA. Each year the school program is growing we’re having more schools participating and they
modify the program for ages Kinder to Year six. The new module is called simply
sustainability. It focuses on the fact that we only have one earth and that
everyone in their own home has a role to play to look after it. So this year we
have 21 schools involved in the program It’s the biggest amount of schools we’ve
had ever in the program. Our latest module Simply Sustainability came about
from consultation with our teachers. Every year we have an evaluation that
the teachers fill in at the end of their workshops and last year we had a teacher
suggest could we just have a module about the sustainability itself. Teachers
are now having to teach sustainability in their teaching due to the curriculum.
With the stage 3 class undertaking the program today we worked a little bit
about the earth and how precious that earth is and talked about the
conservation of the earth’s resources. The students then undertake an activity
where they have a room of a house and they need to think about ways that they
can be sustainable in that house. These are ideas that they can then take
home to their families to improve their overall environmental footprint and to
live more sustainably. One of the nicest aspects of this job is to actually get
the ideas from the students about how they want to live more sustainably.
They can educate one another. Hello ladies and gentlemen my name’s Ryder
and we’re here to talk about sustainability. What I really like about the
lesson today was how to save electricity and other things and I also
liked where we threw the ball around in a circle and we said what resources we
could save. I can do lots more things that could help the planet. One would be to make compost and plant it in my garden and get a water tank instead of using town
water. So when someone’s not watching the TV you could turn it off to save power
and with the light if there’s no one in the room turn off the lights,
you don’t need it. You could just open the curtains and then the sun
would shine through. Sustainability means to me to take care of our planet and not pollute it as much as we are right now and like do something about it.

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