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Searching for a Job in Your Area

In this video, you will create a new slide
and begin adding tips for finding a job in your area. You’ll include what you already know, and
ideas you find on the internet. At the end of this activity, you will share
your tips and ideas with the rest of the class in one collective job guide. First, create a new slide. From the “Slides” menu, select “new.” Or, click the “New Slide” button in the
toolbar. Google Slides may change the layout of this
slide to “title and body.” If you do not see a slide with two text boxes–
one for the title and another for a body of text — change the slide layout. From the “Slide” menu, select “Apply
layout.” A menu of options appears. You can use these slide layouts in your presentations
to *organize* text and images in different ways. Notice that each slide layout *matches* the
colors and font styles of your theme. Select the “Title and body” layout for
this slide. Next, add a title. Click in the text box and type a title about
finding a job in your town or city. Take a few minutes to think about the community
you live in. Do you live in an urban city or a rural town? What are some of the most popular jobs in
your area? How do people get those jobs? What do you know about your town that would
help you and others find jobs? Once you’ve added your own ideas, use the
internet to search for additional job tips for your area. Open a Google search page in a new tab or
window. Or, explore the internet from Google Slides. Type terms or phrases into the search bar. Be specific. Try out different phrases and keywords. Try “Career guide” or “Employment resources”
and the name of your city, town, or county. Then, read some articles from your local news
outlets or government agencies. Find out about growing career fields in your
area, likely sources of employment, or tips and resources for local job searchers. As you find important information and tips
for finding a job, add them to your presentation. Insert a new slide. Retype the title, or change it to fit the
information you found. Then add new tips and information as *bullet
points.* To create a bulleted list, click on the “body”
text box. The cursor appears inside. Then, select the bulleted list from the menu
bar. Or, from the format menu, select “Lists”
and “Bulleted list.” Select a bullet style that you like. Type in your tip after the bullet point. Press “Enter” to create another bullet. You can also press the “Tab” key on your
keyboard to indent and create a different bullet style. Use the “indent” buttons in the toolbar
to indent more or less and create different bullet types. When you’ve added *at least three* more
tips for finding a job in your area, move on to the next video to research other job
goals. Now, it’s your turn:
Create a new slide in your presentation for finding a job in your area. Select “title and body” as the slide layout. Add your ideas to the slide. Then, perform an internet search for more
tips. Insert a new slide and add a bulleted list
with info from your internet search

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