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Searching For Jobs on LinkedIn

Welcome to our Searching for Jobs using
LinkedIn webcast. My name is Jackie Back and I work in the
Workforce Development Division focusing on job service projects and programs.
Let’s get started. Jobs is a key category within LinkedIn. For a small fee of approximately a hundred
and forty five dollars employers can post a job. Of course I would be remiss here if I
didn’t mention the state’s no fee on-line job bank, that
doesn’t charge a fee at all for Minnesota businesses who wish to post their job openings. When you select the jobs tab, LinkedIn
will suggest jobs for you. You can also use the advanced search tab to specify
search criteria including the location in which you’re looking to find job
openings. Let’s take a look. Here is the advanced search page and
what it looks like. You can search by keyword, by location, by
functions, experience, salary, and other key criteria. Here are the results of my advanced
search. I found ten jobs that are posted and currently open and with each job it identifies my first,
second, and third level connections that are a part of my LinkedIn network. Those connections can possibly help me
to get the job or make some inroads with the employer who is doing the hiring. For example, two of my connections actually work at
UnitedHealth Group and this would be a great opportunity
for me to reach out to them if I was interested in pursuing this job
opportunity. There are one thousand and twelve
connections in my network, or in the groups that I’m currently a
member of, that can help me get into UnitedHealth Group. When you look at the power of LinkedIn
it’s pretty astounding. Well, those are just a few tips on how to
search for jobs at LinkedIn we hope that you’ve enjoyed this brief webcast. Thanks for tuning in and if you have any
comments or questions please leave them on YouTube.

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