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Seasonal Employment Certification

welcome to the seasonal employment
certification weapon our this pre- sentation is being conducted by the Department up unemployment
assistance topics to be discussed and covered include the objective of
this webinar what is seasonal employment? The
importance %uh certified seasonal status how to
apply for seasonal certification how to maintain seasonal certification circumstances during the seasonal
certification period employer obligations an additional
points to consider so let’s begin the objective up this webinar is to develop a more comprehensive
understanding of this seasonal certification process including its requirements and
implications in order to effectively manage seasonal
employment in accordance with general law chapter
151 a section 108 section 24 8 and 4:30 cold of Massachusetts regulations 12 .0 0 to 12.08 white is a seasonal employees are Massachusetts general law chapter 151 8 section 10 me States that and employ your dad because of
climactic conditions or the nature up the product
or service customarily operates all or a functionally distinct occupation
within its business only during regularly recurring period or periods %uh less than 20 weeks for all seasonal periods during a
calendar year and only includes an employer who
voluntarily submits a 10 application to the Commissioner
sacked application shall be submitted at least sixty days prior year to the beginning of the season seasonal employment Massachusetts general law chapter 151 8 section 24 8 no waiting period shall be allowed and no benefits shall be paid to an
individual on the basis of service performed in
seasonal employment as defined by subsection eighty Aug section 1 and less the claim is
filed within the operating period up the
seasonal employment if the claim is filed outside the
operating period of the seasonal employment benefits may be paid on the basis of non seasonal wages only why should an
employer request certified seasonal status start a fight sees no status exams employers from being live ball for unemployment
insurance benefits Joe rectally Associated with seasonal
work provided at certain steps are taken what is the definition ok seasonal employment to be deemed seasonal employment as explained in
chapter 151 a section 1c and 4:30 code of
Massachusetts regulations 12.00 to 12.08 wanna the following two circumstances must exist either the entire business must be in operation for less than 20 weeks in a calendar year or the employer has a functionally distinct occupation with in a business which is seasonal this duty will be performed during a period %uh less than 20 weeks in a calendar year due to the climate or nature of the
product and or services what is a functionally distinct occupation a
functionally distinct occupation is one in which the assigned duty sir
tasks are identifiable a distinct from their
duties are tasks that are assigned to employees outside the seasonal period mere addition of staff to perform the same or
similar duties as those performed outside the season
would not be considered season now I will now explain how to apply for seasonal certification an employer who with seeking seasonal
status must submit a written application on forms prescribed by the department
unemployment assistance duaa at least 60 days prior to the beginning of the season the
employment can only be considered certified seasonal after the determination is made duaa
make separate determinations for each
distinct sees no occupation and period if you are denying seasonal
certification status you have the right to appeal the
determination within 10 days of the mailing date up the
determination notification to employees once approved for a certified sees no
status the employer must provide notification
to employees by displaying in multiple places for
inspection the seasonal determination and the
certification is a seasonal employees are form one 875 which will be provided by
duaa an and notifying all seasonal employees in
writing prior to hire or immediately following the seasonal
determination by DU way using that notice to employees
certification as a seasonal employer form one 8 76 the exempt employment is limited to the beginning and ending dates of the
employer’s Approved certified seasonal period and for each distinctly dear friend occupation what to do when
they claim is filed if you receive a lack of work
notification are a request for wages for a certified seasonal period you must indicate that
the way geez you paid were based on seasonal certified employment
additionally you must include the seasonal
determination as well as the completed notice to
employees form1 8 76 stating the distinctly different occupation and
that date up certification if you transfer and
employees from seasonal turn on seasonal or non seasonal to seasonal with out a break or
intermission the claimants benefits will be based on all over the wages paid by you if hit anytime during the certified
seasonal period work is not available to an employee this seasonal wages may be used to
establish eligibility for unemployment insurance
benefits that do you weigh will allow for
modifications up seasonal certification applications
if a municipality is able to extend its
season beyond that time frame originally requested by is still less then 20 weeks now let’s review sees no wages and
quarterly contributions seasonal certification does not relieved any employer from filing quarterly wage and employment a tale
contributory employers must still pay quarterly contributions
on seasonal wages you are required to keep an account job and report wages pay to each sees no
worker within the seasonal period in order to readily distinguish seasonal from now on seasonal wages additional points to
consider claimants may defy a benefit claim outside the operation period up the
seasonal employment this claim may be based upon non sees no wages that were paid during
the base period if this seasonal employment equals or exceeds 20-week in a calendar year you must notify BTU way within five days apt to completion up the 20th week up
employment and seasonal status would not apply a redetermination would be performed and seasonal status would be revoked fifth certification processes Emmanuel failure to reapply for seasonal
certification each year will result in the use of these wages in establishment up claims this slide shows ACM Paul of a quarterly wage
report form and this slide displays an example are based certification as a seasonal
employer notice form this final slide provided the Department of unemployment
assistance seasonal employment contact information if you have any future questions about seasonal employment certification please contact they do you weigh seasonal employment unit act 617 626 5 for 5 one to download the application first certification as a seasonal
employees are please go to H TT p Colin forward slash forward slash www dot mass dot gobs forward slash L WT forward slash unemployment dash II an SU are forward slash forms dash and dash publications forward slash season now dash certification dash for dash employees years forward slash thank you very much for participating in the municipality and seasonal employment certification
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