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Secretary of State Husted talks ideas with Warren tech center

Technology is always changing. It takes a lot of work for businesses to be successful in the field, but also some great ideas. And one of the places where that happens is in Warren, which was sharing its secrets today with one of the state’s leaders from Columbus. Ohio Secretary of State got to feel a new type of golf cart battery that’s lighter. It’s one of the developments which has come from T-Bike — the Tech Belt Energy Innovation Center in Warren. 7:36 :10 Jon Husted, Ohio Secretary of State IT’S GREAT TO HAVE INTERESTING INNNOVATIONS AND RESESARCH BUT IT HAS TO BE SOMETHING YOU CAN TURN IN THE FORM OF PRODUCTS AND SERVICES THAT PEOPLE ARE GOING TO BUY AND CREATE JOBS. 11 companies populate the facility…and they’re trying to accelerate the development of early stage energy technologies…like fuel cells, battery storage, and even the power which wind up in an electric car. 2:11 :12 Rick Stockburger TBEIC C.O.O. SO PEOPLE THAT COME IN WITH NEW IDEAS AND NEW TECHNOLOGIES THEY CAN START RIGHT HERE AT A VERY LOW BARRIER TO ENTRY, BUT THEYN WE CAN INCUBATE THEM UP TO WHERE WE HOPE THEY CAN GRADUATE AND THEY CAN START FILLING THE BUILDING NEXT DOOR AND THE BUILDING DOWN THE STREET. TBEIC offers a path to commercialization, just like the business incubator does in Youngstown. And the Mahoning Valley is trying to stay ahead of the pack. 20:48 :10 Patrick Mokros, Empire Stock Transfer If you look at the success at YBI in downtown youngstown I think that’s an indicator this is a very successful model that could be replicated everywhere throughout the state. Starting businesses is ultra competitive. Today’s tour for Jon Husted was an opportunity for him to see what’s happening in Warren. He could see what competitive advantages exist in Trumbull County and share some advice on working with state government. 6:21 :10 Jon Husted, Ohio Secretary of State AND SO WE HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING WE CAN TO CREATE THE INNOVATION AND TALENT THAT WE NEED IN OHIO TO OUTCOMPETE THE REST OF THE WORLD. [E9]20171018 HUSTED TECH NT-TAG If you want to start a new business in Ohio, that starts with the Secretary of State. The state has over 10-thousand more new business filings this year compared to

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