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we gonna be starting class today with a
little bit of a quick so you gonna be talking about techniques like colour I am a first-year teacher at Adelaide High School my specialties are English and Spanish and
I teach from years 9 to 12 Adelaide high is this states first and only specialist languages school remember how I talked about we have students from very
culturally diverse backgrounds and we have a pretty large student body of
about 1,200 students we have a focus on academic achievement and our results
tend to be quite high lets go through that thanks guys Aiden what is the narrators name on the first page it says something about Chris writing the story
and there’s a part in the book when she goes through and she described her friend and
Katie what happens when Ellie went to the toilet in the night she heard the planes
flying over yep spot on while I was at uni professional development was
important we are encouraged to learn in all different ways I had two languages
tutors who were very passionate and they ensured that we were all members of Maltasa which is the languages teachers Association in south Australia so I while at uni did attend several conferences and these covered a range of different things I think ICT in languages which is also applicable to my role as
an English teacher looking at genre which is also applicable looking at inter cultural learning strategies how else do we get a sense of who they are what other techniques does the author use to tell us about the characters I also did two weeks of a placement after I finished where I got to work with a teacher who showed me all the administrative elements of being a
teacher that sort of back side of it that I didn’t really get at University we are going to be writing an essay that
compares and contrasts the two cooking shows for a new graduates or for a
student who is currently studying to be a teacher I think it’s very important to
their teaching practice that they do seize all opportunities to develop their
skills outside of the university curriculum we are balancing many
different personalities students with different needs and it’s important that
as an English teacher I have strategies to be able to help these students
perform at their best today what we’re going to look at is part of the portfolio aspect of our course Sarah is the English and ESL coordinator and I’m
really fortunate to have her as a mentor the other thing you need to be aware of
is that there is one draft per student and that’s the size Board’s policy I
often observe Sarah teaching her classes so that I can better my own teaching practice just seeing the way that she structures her classroom how she introduces her
content the types of questions that she’s asking all very valuable for me as
a new teacher reaching the lounge room I noticed that chores have been started but
were incomplete I think behavior management is the biggest challenge for
most new teaches you need help to develop strategies and develop a style
that you feel comfortable with relating to the students Sarah has been very
helpful in helping me to do that here especially because she knows the
students so what comes to mind when you approach the text production component of the folio Sarah will meet
with me probably once a week to once a fortnight and guide them explicitly with those we discuss mounds of things performance standards a student behaviour the structuring of lessons how long to run an assignment for explicit teaching method
things like that it is a good idea trying to aim for something like that but its not always the way it turns out teaching is a profession where we are asking
students to learn and to grow and develop so I think it would be redundant
if we as teachers didn’t do the same I also think that’s why I entered the
profession because I enjoy enjoy that thirst for knowledge ok you’re all done

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