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Service Technician Job Profile

My name is Marlon Hetherington. I am a Service Technician here at Service Sanitation. What I do for a living is provide sanitary portable restroom services as well as deliveries and setups for special events. On a typical day, we usually start at 5 a.m. What you would do is prep your truck, inspect it, make sure that you have all your supplies and everything. You then go out and drive to different locations, different work environments and service and clean the portable restroom. What I like most about my job is that you get to be alone, outside and in nature, not stuck in an office or in some factory. I like it. I like being out there and going different places. It’s almost like an adventure every day. When you first start here, there’s some classroom training you go through. Rules and regulations, and different things like that. Before you go out on a truck by yourself, you go out with another experienced driver. They drive around, show you the proper way to clean the units, and show you the routes. They want to make sure that you’re well-equipped to handle any equipment that you’re dealing with and just to make sure you’re safe out there. There’s good opportunity here for growth. Don’t be discouraged by what someone might think of you or say to you. Don’t let that stop you from seeking an opportunity of employment here at Service Sanitation.

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