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Sex Education | Age Appropriate Topics

Talking to your kids about the birds and
the bees can be intimidating. Many of us did not have similar talks from our own
parents and schools today very widely on the types of sexual and reproductive
health education they offer. Today I’ll talk about appropriate topics to cover as
your kids grow. Studies have shown that parents are actually the greatest
influence in kids sexual decision-making. Consider your child’s age and maturity
level when you begin bringing up these topics, but it is really never too young
to start. For young children, you might focus on using correct terms for body
parts. You might also begin to talk about privacy. For school-aged kids, you can
give them the basic facts about where babies come from and
again continuing to reinforce using appropriate terms. One of the books I
like for younger age groups is called “It’s Not the Stork,” by Roby Harris. For
teens continue to give facts about things like sexually transmitted
infections, how those can be prevented, how people become pregnant, how pregnancy
can be prevented, and you may want to also cover terms that they may hear from
their peers. For teens, it’s good to have sex positive conversations and in that
you can include issues of consent and healthy relationships. Avoid judgmental
language but do communicate your family’s values around sexual behaviors.
The biggest point I want to make is that it doesn’t matter if you have the
perfect talk. It only matters that you have it. For more information and more
resources on these subjects, you can go to the St. Louis Children’s Hospital
website for suggested links or you can call the Family Resource Center.

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