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Sexting, we all do it Well, a lot of us do And with the advent of online dating apps & private messaging services like kik or snapchat it’s easier and then ever to get your rand on on your smart phone But according to this government funded educational video from 2012 sexting is very dangerous If you sext, like Megan just did, very bad things will happen Like maybe this jerk with the emo haircut will text it to your whole class Or you’ll have to deal with super creeps like this guy Hey Megan…. nice And also, literally everyone will hate you and you’ll live in spiral of shame and sadness or something like that Look there’s no doubt sexting can go wrong if an image gets in the wrong hands And if you’re underage it’s also illegal,
with 15 years jail time & child pornography charges in some states Victoria, South Australia and now NSW have also cracked down on ‘revenge porn’ criminalising the sharing of nude pics without consent But with more and more young folks living their lives online it kind of seems sexting is inevitable And some say we need to radically re-think our sexting mind frame They’re main tool is the idea that we would shame, particularly young women, into not sending any images at all And certainly we’ve seen campaigns like this in the past that deal with sexual harassment and sexual assault I think we’re moving away from that now Yfoundation has released a report showing that not only are sexting resources super out of touch with the young folks they’re also kind of harmful If we’re sending out a message that it’s your fault if this happens to you, That young person’s probably pretty unlikely to come and tell you about any… First that it has happened and any kind of mental health effects they might be getting The idea that our sexting shame is a little overblown, is also backed up by the stats Why are these resources missing the mark is it just that they’re being made by baby boomer, Gen X fuddy duddys who’ve never sent a sext in their life? Possibly, the way forward is to re-orient these questions to be about consent So we’ve designed a two hour work shop for young people, anyone aged from 12 to 25 So sex educators next time you sit down to make some sexting resources This is my message to you Get ya sext on Think of the children

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