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Should You Give Career Advice?

(upbeat music) – Hey there and welcome to, “How To Know If You Should
Be Giving Career Advice”. If your friend or loved
one sent you this video, they’re concerned that you might think you should be giving them advice on how to advance in their career, when in actuality, you should
probably shut up maybe. Here are some hints to guide you. First hint, did anyone
ask for your advice? If they answer is no, consider keeping your
condescending BS to yourself. That’s right. They aren’t too shy or intimidated by you to ask your opinion, they just know it would be worthless. Fun fact, simply being older than someone doesn’t make you more
qualified at anything, you conceited piece of trash. Next, do you work for a business that’s owned by your parents? Then bro, you gotta shut up. If one or more of your parents owns a business that employs you, you should be proud of that and embrace the fortunate
life you’ve been blessed with. But don’t get it twisted and
think you have any insight on how someone can earn a
living on their own merit or you will catch these hands. Fun fact, of course I thought about just applying for the job I want, you stupid idiot. Or maybe you’re actually
unemployed right now, or fancy yourself as a “entrepreneur” with several “irons in the fire” and your parents are supporting you until you get on your feet. Consider figuring your own stuff out before you talk to me,
you spoiled ego maniac. Next hint, is your advice, “You have to get out
of that dead end job”? Then absolutely, and I can’t
stress this enough, shut up. The rent’s due and I have bills
that won’t pay themselves. Fun fact, if you tell me one more time that I should just quit, I’ll punch you in the (knock). Now, at this point, you may have noticed that all of our gender references have been directed towards men. (orchestra music) Hint number five, do you owe me money? If so, then consider that right now, you’re lucky I don’t
just your useless hiney. (laughs) If you’ve made it this
far, then congratulations. That means you paved your own way, without nepotism or falling
backwards into luck. But, does your car sound like this? (car engine revving) Then you should not be giving advice. And that’s all there is to it. Thanks for watching. Fun fact, that sound
effect was from my car and I really can’t talk either. Hey, It’s Raphael. If you like College Humor
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