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Should You Sacrifice Your Career for Your Man?

Would you give up making it for your man? It’s an issue actress Megan Markle
might soon be facing due to the fact that she’s getting very serious
with boyfriend Prince Harry.>>It’s like that?>>It’s like that.>>Well you know, I don’t know because
she She going to have to do some real acting up there in that palace child. Get the pinky finger up.>>[CROSSTALK]
>>[LAUGH]>>That girl know what to do.>>Yeah so Debby according.>>I think it’s a wonderful
problem to have.>>Yes.
Well according to the Daily Mail, the next step for
the royal couple is moving in together, which means Megan would
have to relocate to London. The only problem is that Megan’s
show Suits films in Toronto. Megan is not taking the decision lightly
with one source saying her decision to give up the biggest role of
her career would mean a lot. so ladies, would you ever give up
your career for the person you loved?>>I think women do it all the time.>>Yeah?
>>We do it all the time, even if we don’t give it up totally. We put family first. It is part of our DNA to do that. and especially if your a mother. You just have to drop it and go and
take care, if my baby is hurting, I’m sorry y’all are just going to have to
finish shooting this scene without me. I think its the nature of women
to put other people first.>>Yeah, to a fault.>>To a fault sometimes but it says that we really by
nature are the best producers.>>Yes.
>>And we are the stronger, at birth that’s something
you need to know. At birth we are the strongest because we
are the pregeneters, we carry the seed.>>Look at that big word.>>Look at her go, true that.>>Even when you describe that Ms.
Debbie, I hear what you’re saying about putting this aside, and
taking care of children or producing. That still sounds to me like work in
the sense that we women are bred. No, we women are built To be producers,
creators, fixers.>>That’s what I’m saying.>>So for me I wouldn’t be able to stop
working meaning could I just stop and actually be fancy and live a rich life? Be a princess in the sense of
just like looking fabulous and going to amazing places? No, because even if it
doesn’t mean working for money, I always have
to be stimulated here. Because that makes me feel sexy here, and when you feel sexy your man sees you
sexy then it just all bow chicka wow.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>You know what I’m saying>>I mean in her case it’s Suits. We don’t even know what channel
that plays on, all right?>>My gosh, Ronnie! She’s an amazing actress!>>No I didn’t say she was [CROSSTALK]
>>It’s a good show!>>No, she has to give it up
because if she becomes the royal, she has over 2,000 engagements,
so she won’t be able to work. But it’s like really,
you giving up three or four scenes? I mean come on, Mrs Deb, seriously?>>Well that’s what I’m
saying is [CROSSTALK]>>I have nothing to add.>>I’m gonna be real today. I said it’s a good problem to have.>>This is what I think- [CROSSTALK]
I’ve never seen the show, either. That is true.>>Exactly.>>But what I will say is this-
>>But it’s everything to her, you guys. It’s her career. It means something,
that’s important to her. We may not know the show Suits, but-
>>Okay, but->>Wait, wait, wait. Y’all are talking about should we
tell people how to spend their money. Y’all I’m going to tell her
what’s she supposed to do. [LAUGH]
>>Come on now. [LAUGH]
>>Come on. [LAUGH]
>>Come on now. [LAUGH]
>>Come on Ms. [INAUDIBLE]. Yes.
>>Bring it down. [LAUGH]
>>Why don’t we wait and let’s see what she does. How about that?>>Exactly.
>>I’ll tell you what I would do though.>>What?
>>Okay, so I can’t tell you what she would do but
I’ll tell you what I would do.>>What would you do?>>I would not leave it. I think that I would wait it out. I think that if this man really loves her, he wants her to pursue
what she wants to pursue. He wants her to follow her dreams, her passions because he doesn’t
want her to resent him later.>>[LAUGHS]
>>So I think they can wait it out. Maybe they can wait until
Suits goes off air or something like that, and
then she can go be a royal later in life.>>That’s true, all right.>>Okay.

100 Replies to “Should You Sacrifice Your Career for Your Man?”

  • its not just women who give up for family or work its men to look at Liam Neeson he stop production of the movie Chloe to by his wives side

  • Let's be REAL!! LONI is right! Their is nothing to give up their. She's a Z-lister and she'll become a A-lister. Never her about ber before let's be real! Becoming a duchess will be the biggest think she'll do.

  • I love the girls but that shade was not needed regarding Suits i could say I don't know the shows they're on but that would be petty. As Tamera said we don't watch it but it may be important to her

  • Yeah the difference with her and any other person is that wether we like it or not she is going to be royal and the royal family follows different protocol than all of us , she isnt marrying Bob from the block , she is getting marry to a prince that represents a family with strick rules.

  • She will have so much influence as a royal. The work doesn’t stop. She’s just moving into a new season of life. Sometimes you let go of one thing to gain so much more.

  • Honestly I’ve never heard of suits or USA network. I’ve always known about fox and the real. I’m sure it’s a great show but still not super popular in the US.

  • Presuming there IS a marriage for her. She is not the first woman Harry shacked up with, asked to marry him, gave gifts and a ring, took to meet his gramdma, accepted all the free sex thrown in his face. It is a wait and see, time will tell. ALL of them (the Queen, Philip, Andrew, Charles, Camilla, William amd Kate) told him to get rid of her as soon as they found out about her.
    I just don't see ot happening. Meghan is too controlling and manipulative. The Queen sees through her acting.

  • It's not the nature of ALL women to put other people first…….There are plenty of self-absorbed women out there… mother wasn't concerned about me growing up……I'm not swing not wanting to give up your career makes you selfish…..I am describing her that way for other reasons…….

  • It's a decision you have to make because YOU WANT TO not because anyone tells you that you have to because it's what women should do…….because those instances just cause deep seeded resentment…….There are men that would be willing to give up their careers for their wives as well and I would say the same thing….do it because you want to not because you feel forced or obligated….

  • If anyone on the panel was dating Prince Henry I bet they would put in thier resignation asap. The queen dont want Henry spouse working. She going to engagement after engagement and being dolled up accompying Henry everywhere he goes. Come on now.

  • Wait, how did Loni go from being such a b—— about this to being all “oh my gosh I’m related to them because I’m 10% British”? And also, it’s not like a normal marriage, she of course would have to give up her job to be a royal because there is protocol to follow, I’m not saying it’s right or wrong but it’s there… look at grace Kelly, she had to quit to become a part of the Monaco royal family as well… they should really do their research before talking crap… and with the whole who knows suits thing… umm who knows the real? I only found out about it because of the recommended clips on YouTube, not because I actually heard about it… unlike suits which is everywhere on social media… okay and also, how do they go from preaching about building each other up as women to shooting down Meghan and her show… or are they only feminists when it works for them… okay sorry rant over…

  • I dont like the idea women HAVE to give it up… Men do it too. Men have a lot of issues in society. Not just women. Please remember this.

  • I agree with Loni, I heard about this actress because she's dating Prince Harry. Not everyone loves watching shows like that. So I have no idea who she is and I don't think she's this big actress whose winning Oscars anyways

  • I have no idea what channel "Suits" plays on nor what it's about 😂 Never watched it & don't care 🤔 She knew she had to make a decision between royalty & her career, obviously she chose royalty. Not my problem, lol. It already happened.

  • Hell no. Never give up your career and what is important to you in this life for a man or any relationship. It is a form of control over you, to make you more vulnerable to depend upon them. Relationships and men can come and go, and so can the stability a man promises you, but the only person that is going to look out for you is YOU. Protect yourself. Love yourself. Fulfill yourself and your dreams. Don't sacrifice and diminish your light for any man.

  • Loni got some nerve, I didn’t know who you were before the real. Have thousands of seats. And I’m sure that because you’re not that funny..

  • I can't focus on anything they're saying because Tam's hair, make-up, jewelry, and style is all I can see. #Winning

  • Loni – NO. You are speaking out of PURE ignorance. Clearly you know NOTHING about Suits, or Meghan's role in Suits. This is terrible. You are completely diminishing the show and her work. #EpicFail

  • The funny thing is here in the UK I could talk about the real and a lot of people would not know what I'm talking about

  • No no a million times no then when they get on and leave your ass they'll have the nerve to not even feel they should pay alimony. Get your own ladies

  • These girls need to educate themselves a little. Suits is an amazing show, what if she quits the show & the marriage doesn't work out, she should have that job to fall back on.

  • I get he is a prince, but hes not first in line, he could live anywhere and support her for the duration of the show. And off season they could be in london.

  • I don't think it's necessarily in women's DNA as much as it is bread in us from society. Women are depicted as the caregivers, and men the are the providers. But I don't think any man that really loves you would ask you to give up your career for his.

  • Loni I have had it up to here with you. That was a low blow and Suits is extremely popular. I’ve only watched a few episodes but I love it

  • Years ago, I watched like 2 random episodes of suits and saw Meghan’s character. When the royal wedding happened, I didn’t know that the Meghan marrying the prince was the same woman as in the show Suits.

  • Super late lol bt mayb acting wasn't her ultimate life dream… mayb by being a royal she has access and the platform to do the things that she really wanted to do… mayb acting was just 1 dream… bt not the biggest one…

  • girls, women: IT IS NOT IN OUR DNA OR NATURE. that is just what society has fed us for generations. today is different from thousands of years ago, let’s grow up and just embrace our independence and respect ourselves and choose what’s right for us. be strong and let men learn to do equally what was expected of us. don’t let anybody tell you that a man is less capable of nurturing, it is just a social stigma put on women to keep us from exploring our full potential. and in some cases it is the fear that women have of “making it” or succeeding that makes us stay back and let our partners take the front seat. let’s be brave and just do it!

  • I feel bad because I didn’t know who she was until she started dating Harry and until the Real started talking about her. Idk what Suits is and what it’s about.

  • USA Network Suits is on. And it's a difference being a Royal, from everyday if your a everyday woman not rich or even middle class you and your man both got to work one job can't pay a 2,500 mortgage and car note. Sorry Being real

  • I love Loni but that was just RUDE! Suits is a 7 season, well-rated show that has a great following and what she said was in poor taste. If you ain’t watch the show, you don’t know! Meghan was one of the main characters on the show. It was huge that she gave up acting for Prince Harry, but she also was involved in philanthropy work for a long time. She re-shifted her focus to continue her philanthropic efforts with Prince Harry as a main portion of her duchess duties rather than juggling acting with that type of work.

  • I always think that if you've worked hard for your career and you've finally got the job you've always wanted and get a partner and your partner says to be with me you need to quit your career, the career you've worked so hard to get for yourself. No

  • No, I would not GIVE UP my career to please any man. Just like he wants a career, so do I. Having a prince as an SO if different so I can't speak for her, but for other women, your best interest should be your priority.

  • Why is becoming a princess mean that you stop stimulating your mind? I don't see the queen being a dumbass…. and Loni, when or where or what is your radio show? Sorry, I forgot you were an A list celebrity…

  • I mean honestly if they are a man that you love and you want to be with him then yes but if she don’t want to give up nothing to me honestly I feel like she really don’t like him if she is really feeling him

  • Adrian says I’ll tell you what I would do and then continues to give an input on their situation 😂🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Love Loni…MM was not exactly Julia Roberts and winning academy awards so marrying HRH was certainly going to suit her more !!!

  • I live in the middle east and I know suits and my friends also and they still watching all the season online and they r real fan of it and I love the real but no one actully know about it and sometime I want to talk about one of the co host with my friend but no one knows it ..sorry loni but suits more popular than the real

  • My mother halted her teaching career for our family. As a result, we had our poor moment and my dad – though abusive and cheap – tried his best. As I got older, I wish my mum did not do that. Had she continue her teaching career, she would enjoy monthly penchant from the government for life.

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