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Simon Sinek: Why to Use Momentum to Define and Measure Career Success

3 Replies to “Simon Sinek: Why to Use Momentum to Define and Measure Career Success”

  • First, let me say that Simon is a role model of mine. His passion for leadership and the betterment of the world is so inspiring. I hope to one day find my "why" and give back to the world in the form of leadership and motivation. For me, success is measured by the achievement of your short term goals while still moving towards achieving your long term goals. What do you think, Erik?

  • Motivation and leadership go a long way and we agree that Simon's message helps empower all of us to lead better, be led better, motivate better, be motivated better. We just filmed his Year 4 Capture Your Flag interview and the 20+ videos from that will be out in early fall.

    How do I define success? Goal: To bring Near Peer Learning to the world and make it accessible to all. Capture Your Flag is my way of leading by example, learning along the way, embracing the process step by step. – Erik

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