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Sims 4 Actor Career News & Get Famous Livestream Summary

The Sims 4 developers did a livestream today
showing off the actor career and associated skill in the Get Famous Expansion. I have more to share about the fame features
of the pack and a brief statement about this channel’s status toward the end of this video
so stick around for that. For those who don’t keep up on news, The Sims
4 Get Famous releases November 16 and around that time players will also receive a free
update with a new stylist career, terrain tools, and some other features. Today’s livestream was led by Simgurus Rad,
George, and Kate. Create-a-Sim career unlocks were the first
thing shown. Costumes used on movie sets were the main
highlight but some involved the acting skill. This outfit for example was the reward for
level 10 acting. They showed a variety of different styles,
including Victorian, Pirate, Western, Apocallama and the voidcritter costume along with sci-fi
and superhero. Scars are also available in Create-A-Sim now. There are a good bit more hairstyles and outfits
they showed. I’ll go over those toward the end of the video
while I discuss other things I don’t have footage for. After about 15 minutes of showing Create-A-Sim
assets, they moved on to showing the acting parts of the pack. Actor is an active career, only this time
it’s based on gigs. You choose when you want to work and don’t
have a fixed schedule unless you’ve signed up for an audition. You need to look for auditions, and the agency
you choose to represent you will have an impact on your job offerings and any associated bonuses. Agencies can be based on getting you positions
as an extra or commercial spots, with better agencies coming available later that get you
primetime tv spots or movie gigs. When they’d like to work, Actors will call
in and get an audition. Auditions can be skill based. It will recommend a minimum skill level for
your Sim before you take the gig. Audition times are set ahead of time, with
the example being one day away, and expect you to prepare beforehand in order to boost
performance. In this case, the Sim needed to practice a
dramatic monologue and practice romantic interactions by researching the flirty emotion. This isn’t your only way to make money as
Actors can also go to the park or any other public place and perform scenes for tips. While research flirty moods was used in this
example, a Sim may even need to get angry and get into fights or arguments to prep for
a role. It is likely there are other means of doing
this but getting into a fight is certainly one way to prep for a fight scene. Sims can still be sent alone to work, just
like Get to Work but you’ll most likely want to take control in order to experience the
better parts of this career. The huge movie studio lot was shown for the
starring Sim’s performance. When starting a work day as an actor, the
requirements are top left of the screen, just like with Get to Work. You’ll need to often get into hair and makeup,
do things like post to simstagram, get into costume. Knocking out more of these will improve your
performance but you don’t want to waste too much time. You see, Sims don’t have to do all these,
but can rather go ahead and tell the director they’re ready if they’d like to jump ahead. After all the main goal is to complete the
performance. The set lights up, looking really good, when
it’s time to do scenes. You actually continue having control on this
part, which was a pleasant surprise, and you need to do all the types of scenes required
of your Sim. You can play it safe when doing a scene or
be a bit more risky with your Sim’s performance. By doing prep tasks before you ever came to
work, taking a risk is more likely to succeed according to SimGuruGeorge. Having a higher skill level will also help
risky moves to pay off. Spots appear on the stage directing you to
where you should be, and clicking in those areas will initiate a new scene. The stage is controllable by the player, allowing
you to change special effects on the stage or change what’s shown on the green screen. You’re even able to make it rain spaghetti
and meatballs. When the workday is done, you’ll collect your
money, but Fame is also gained from this completed performance. After the work day, we learned some other
things. For example, the sets from the movie studio
are available as styled rooms and can be placed on your home lot. They also pointed out that you’re able to
click within a styled room preview to pull an object out of that room for placement on
your lot. I didn’t know that was possible, but evidently
it is a current feature of the game. Green screens can also be used on your home
lot and changed just like in the studio . You are able to place stage marks on home
lots. These stage marks are different however, and
unlock all interactions available on set instead of just those used for the current job. So, you’re able to pick marks that offer specific
types of scenes. Thankfully, the marks fade a lot when a scene
is in action so shouldn’t be very obvious if you were making a video. I am sure this is going to inspire some machinima
but everyday Sims storytellers are really going to like this. Being able to dictate a Sim do a particular
animation is really going to help them get custom screenshots or video footage for scenes
in their stories. A hair and makeup chair was shown in this
stream, letting you try different haircuts on a Sim or go directly into CAS. I’m not sure how this ties into the stylist
career everyone is getting free in the upcoming patch, but you are able to use it without
being a stylist. You’re just not getting paid for it I suppose. While that is all they focused on in the stream,
this week we learned some things about fame and how that system works and can confirm
the existence of a media production skill in the pack. On fame, SimguruKate confirmed that while
children cannot be actors, they can prepare for a life of fame using the drama club they’re
able to participate in. One thing that’s nice to get to share are
the different paths to fame. Certain activities, like selling a painting,
doing a comedy routine or doing a dance off in a club, or making large donations to charity,
will help Sims who are not actors to accumulate fame. Social media profiles also seem to come into
play, so you can be simstagram famous I suppose! With growing fame come quirks. Sims will become more quirky as they ascend
up the five levels of fame, and evidently these will not be chosen by the player, but
instead come on naturally based upon your Sim’s actions and frequent activities that
come near the time to assign it. This sounds kinda fun, given there are surely
drawbacks to some of them and I prefer a challenge and a little personality. We know that as you gain fame you can acquire
perks. As you gain points, you can pick the perks
your Sim will receive. It looks like there’s at least a couple dozen
to choose from though there are requirements, like having to get this one before that one. Fame will be a passive for many Sims who take
up a trade like painting. These perks will help your celebrity in various
ways – such as giving you an entourage or access to clubs. I think it’s appropriate Sims become famous
even when not pursuing it. Many people are famous because they’re at
the top of their fields and people talk about them. S Apparently there’s some content related to
money in this Expansion. It’s possible to woohoo in piles of cash and
even get a vault in which to store your money, which can also be set on fire. Sims do get awfully rich, but now there may
be a new way to use that cash. As for this channel, I want to state I’m still
in this. I’ll still be working on the dozens of missing
guides after I cover Get Famous so my focus has not shifted entirely to news. I had problems with my websites to work on
this past couple weeks, and I want to take some much needed personal time with Persona
5 and a viewing of First Man before Get Famous releases because it’s going to be hectic for
a couple months after that. If you want to stay up to date on my content,
follow us on twitter @carlssims3guide and hit the bell next to the subscribe button
to be alerted to new videos. I won’t be taking on a set production schedule
at any point in the near future, I’ll just be releasing things when they are done. Maybe a schedule will be appropriate to me
someday but not until I find a rhythm for balancing my other career obligations and
home life, of course. All that said, thank you very much for watching. I’ll be covering 3 more livestreams before
Get Famous releases so watch for those and I’ll probably put out a few more guides between
now and then. If you want to stick around for a minute,
we will now show some of the costumes for males that did not get shown at the beginning
of this video.

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