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Sims 4 Freelancer Career – New Feature COMING SOON To All Players

Today with SimguruGraham and SimguruChowder
we got a sneak peek of upcoming Sims 4 content, through the Maxis Monthly Livestream which
has been on a break for a bit. They stated right away that in the next 6
months, The Sims 4 will receive one new Expansion, Game and Stuff pack, but declined to name
them. What they did feel like talking about is the
new Freelancer career coming to all players free Tuesday April 16 in a patch. It’s an entirely new type of career. Players can be freelance programmer, artist
or writer. It’s sort of like the work from home careers. There’s no need to attend, but Freelancer
is not an active career. It incorporates elements of the acting career
allowing you to choose what gigs you will take. They showed some new clothes that are evidently
coming, with a nice collared shirt. The new clothing has different patterns and
colors but they didn’t get into showing them off. It seems that freelancers will have their
performance rated by their agency. Freelancers need to check for gigs. Gigs have skill requirements. Clients look for a certain skill set in order
to hire you. The list of gigs changes daily. You will also see offers that you cannot take
due to skill level, and they have pretty high pay – like $2200 Simoleons for a level 8 Writer’s
gig. Gigs have due dates and a checklist of tasks
that need to be completed. In the example the Sim needs to write a clickbait
article, submit and get it approved. Both the desk and chair shown with the writer
are new. There is also some new clutter. The wall bookshelf is also a new addition. Artists’ gigs were then showed off. They’re not just, ‘paint’ but also design
characters for a AAA game for example. Her tasks were to study reference images,
create forgery and get the forgery approved. It seems like freelancers can have their work
rejected. For each gig, there are different outcomes
so it’s adding some nice flavor text. The programmer’s work was also shown, with
a low level task to make a mod. At first she needed to chat with the client
then mod the game. It’s fairly cool and definitely the kind of
career I’d be more likely to take in game. I hate having a schedule, but I can deal with
deadlines! I noticed that the freelancer had almost 72
hours to finish the gig. It seems that you can only take 1 gig at a
time, but if you get it done early you can finish and move on, allowing your Sim to work
at a pace that you like. When the writer finished his article, he sent
it to the client and get it approved. The writer leveled up and acquired a few rewards,
including increased pay on all gigs! Typical promotions are not present here. Instead you’ll get more and more rewards the
more often you rank up. Could ambitious be a great trait to take for
this? It’s typically not so hot for Sims that don’t
take a career, but maybe it is the case here. Love the chroma lights on this keyboard! There are different flavors of freelancing
– for artist you can be a freelance artist or a graphics designer. For writer, marketing or ghost writing. Looks like freelance artists tend to use the
new digital sketchpad, which make a good bit more sense. It was stated on Twitter that a guru had never
seen more bug-fixes in a single patch, so there’s hope that things that annoy us are
going to be fixed in this patch! Hopefully some of the things with AI that
frustrate me in particular. A new color for the wall shelf is coming up,
with possibly a freelancer award up top. Looks like all 3 forms of freelancer will
get a different award as this one was probably for programmer. Toward the end of the stream, they announced
that Sims 4 players on console will get FULL mouse and keyboard support to help them control
the game and have fun the way we do on PC. Freelancer won’t be coming to console yet,
but this is big news for console players. My first experience with console was horrific,
given how hard it was to do simple things. Some people suffered through this but will
love being able to play like we PC players do. All in all a great livestream and I’m happy
to have possibly saved you some time with the summary. If you like this, hit like and subscribe as
I try to do this each day they stream. Have a great day and we look forward to next
week eh? Free content is always great.

44 Replies to “Sims 4 Freelancer Career – New Feature COMING SOON To All Players”

  • I will most likely never attend a livestream and usually have to figure out what was said in the livestreams via other channels I don't follow so I'm very very happy your channel I recently subscribed to does little summaries for me. I really appreciate this, thank you. Definitely saving me time and annoyance just as you wanted!

  • I'm enjoying these "News with Carl" very much, you summarize the important topics on the stream much better than most sites. Thank you!

  • Another informative video!
    I prefer to watch your videos rather than the live streams.
    (But don't tell them that! Heh!)😅

    Thank you for the summary! 😊

  • Thanks for the video, Carl. You definitely did save me some time! Do you happen to know if those items like the desk and bookshelf will be coming in the patch free? I doubt it, but who knows…?

  • I actually liked the controls on console, since I primarily play games on console, but adding keyboard and mouse capability just makes sense. I'm also happy to hear about the free-lance careers since I always make my sims work from home

  • Oh no! I literally forgot to watch the stream because of all those videos on YouTube.

    Thanks for the the summary (so I don’t have to actually watch that myself) 🙂

    P.S. Should we just consider Freelance careers be nearly the same as acting career?

  • Thank you so much for the summary about the livestream as others have stated I am not always able to watch the livestreams and very much appreciate you making these vids for us. I hope you have a great day as well. 🙂

  • Thanks for the livestream summary! I don't keep up with this stuff so it's really helpful when someone else can give me the gist of what's going on ^^;

  • I'm struggling to play the sims these days due to there being no world editor… 🙁 it's about time we were given the freedom to make out own neighbourhoods.

  • Interesting. Problem that I see is that many of the aspirations are tied to specific careers. Can’t complete the aspirations if you’re not in that specific career.

  • Thank you so much! I don’t have the time or patience needed for the live stream, and this video is exactly what I like … informative and succinct with no giggling

  • They need to fix the bugs in the game. I have to pause the game every 15 sec cuz my sims don’t respond.

  • Thank you for the summary! All looks like good stuff but imo they should have had photographer as another freelancer career as well, unless you open a business it's hard to make a living with it and it is base game now

  • When are they making some real nice clothes? Like good pants for the males at last… I'm sorry but the 3 outfits fit with most of the other boring clothes they already made. And yes I am happy for the free updates. But I don't really need a stuffpack or gamepack. I'm in need for good expansionpacks that already concluding stuffpacks and gamepacks if you know what I mean. Sims 2 and 3 has more story progress and gameplay with only 1 expansionpack installed than sims 4 with all those gamepacks and stuffpacks..

    And they are interested in what community modders will do with this..?? Why they don't put in themselves all the things we need and the sims 4 need instead of putting their task on community modders?? It's not about hoping we like the freelance option. Ofcourse we like that! We like everything that is missing in sims 4. But by hoping we like it and just give it in a small thing that is a failure. Give us something that has immediatly everything. Not just 3 freelance options. We also want freelance photography and other options for freelance. Give us the big pack of what you make not just small slices of everything.

    I'm really happy for that cool laptop and that it is free for everybody!

    Also the white shelf he put a picture of it a few weeks ago "and people liked it so now it's in the update" ofcourse we like it!! Ofcourse we want that. Don't hold on on us! "It seems like a populair thing.." well yeah ofcourse white black and grey are the standard colors we want for all objects. What's up with all the green yellow and blue colors your artist gave us. Just give us a range of all those colors to choose so we can really match everything!

    For the console players I think it's cool that mouse and keyboard got full function.. I might as well buy it on the xbox one myself also!

    So this is not really complaining, it is just my critical opinion hoping for a better sims 4. I bought every pack of sims 4 and all sims on pc/ laptop so I'm also a supporter. 🙂 I like those gurus also! Hope to see you more at sims maxis monthly!

  • I absolutely cannot wait for the full keyboard and mouse support on console, its going to be SO nice to not have to scroll through buildmode with the D-pad

  • Great channel! Thank you for covering this patch. I'm so glad I found your channel! I'm curious, did you make mods a long time ago?

  • OMG, I use your guides all the time! I absolutely love them, ever since Sims 2 🤩, all your career guides and written updates. I had no idea you were on YouTube! I subscribed 😍

  • I have sims 4 on Xbox one and I’ve been looking for the free lancer career and can’t find it, is it only for PC users?????

  • My game doesn't show the set tasks that the sim has to complete. Does anyone know if there is a way to fix this?

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