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Snack Sized Content | How To Structure Your Internship/Job Search

Do you have an idea of the type of work
that you want to do but just need a little bit more structure surrounding
your job search process? If so these next couple strategies could be really
helpful. Number one: stay organized. Create a spreadsheet with about 20 employers.
Maybe your top dream employers as well as some organizations that you’ve never
heard of. Second: find alumni. Utilize UCAN and
LinkedIn to see if there’s any current alumni within those organizations. Add
that as a column on your spreadsheet. Third: are they hiring? Browse to see if
there’s any available positions that you are interested in. And lastly, create a
column on how excited you are. Rank it on a one-to-five basis. Five being very
excited. One for maybe an organization that you’ve never heard of. Sort this
spreadsheet based on how excited you are so that your motivation stays high.

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