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Software Engineer Job Search | Networking Effectively

HOME RUN!!!, I LOVE A GOOD HOME RUN story especially when it comes to job interviewing. Now are you searching for a tech job or have you ever interviewed for a job and had no luck whatsoever for a very long time. Well I want to tell you about a story about a student of mine who’s hit a dead end time and time again trying to find the right job for him in his small town but recently he’s been having some breakthroughs and I want to tell you the story about today and why has me so fired up. Now if you’ve ever felt this way before and you feel it now I encourage you to stay to the end this video so I can tell you exactly what you can do that he’s been doing to now. If you like this video make sure you hit it like on a hit subscribe and the notification bell. If you want more content like this in the future. Now I’ve helped over 250 people get jobs in programming and want to help you through this video and the next one. My name is Jason Humphrey. I’m the founder of coding career fast lane dot com where I help rapidly accelerate coding careers wherever you’re at in the process. Let’s get into today’s story. So this student which we’re gonna call Rocco for today’s video because I watch him and ask if he’s willing to let me tell the story but um until it anyway and just change the names up so we’re all good here. The student’s name is Rocco for today and he’s been searching for a job now more than over probably six months now. And part of this story is to tell you that also people struggle all the time just because you work with a mentor a coach doesn’t always mean it’s going to be easy right off the bat. Every now and then you’re going to have a difficult time. And so it’s not always as easy as you think especially if you live in a small town. Now with Rocco he can implement a plan to apply for every job in his town. Some cold applications and some hot applications. He’s also taking the time to try to implement what’s called the golden ticket approach. If some of you out there know what I’m talking about I can elaborate more than another time. But for now he also is taking the time to drive halfway around the state for interviews. With no luck at all or only to be told no. He also reaches out to person his personal network. And he does it countless time and time again to no avail. And what’s crazy is up to this point he’s been to 20 in-person interviews with no success at all not even in the slightest as though he feels what he keeps hearing is oh well we went with someone else or just not enough experience for us or potentially we wanted to go with someone younger which he heard that once and that’s totally illegal and it blows my mind that anyone would even say that point being up to now is that he’s traveled a ton of paths and everyone has been dead end. And so I want to point out to you guys there as well is there is always a light of the tunnel and here it comes because what he’s been doing lately is this is really focusing on networking big time and reaching out to people what he started doing was he started traveling to large organized meet ups within three hours of his house which is a long distance to travel for anyone let alone just for a meetup hoping to network hoping to get there and find that there’s people there also been doing this in his community he’s been reaching out to active people in his community especially the ones who are hiring. Easy to say Yeah of course you’re going to reach out to the ones I’ve hired but it’s takes a lot of due diligence and a lot of paying attention in research to know who’s actually hired who’s actually hiring manager and who’s also active in your community. And this is where I want to tell you about Rocco’s two big breakthroughs he’s been having recently. He’d been applying for jobs in his area like he’s been doing. He found this company and we’re going to call it After Hours Dev because there’s actually a company I made with my buddy Rajee back in the day that was never went anywhere but I really liked the name so we’re gonna call this the After Hours Dev company into Rocco really liked this but getting no response from the recruiter that he’d applied to and the job had been up there a couple months. He’d been applying and gotten nothing back. And now it’s July and still heard nothing. So no big deal. He went all with his day like he normally does. Rocco recently found that the hiring manager for one of the roles at after hours Dev was active in his community. He saw that the job he had applied for but never heard back from was the same hiring manager that is active. So pairing to & to together here you applied to it which found hiring manager and they’re active. OK. So Rocco decides to reach out and say that you know hey I’m really interested. Would love an opportunity to talk. Here’s my background really engaged. Want to learn more asking engaging questions in email and then he would love to set up some time to chat if he was interested. The great thing is Rocco that knowing that this person was also active, he got a response back. Pretty damn quickly from this hiring manager. After Hours Dev that’s not the only thing Rocco has been doing like I said. What he had done late lately as he went to a meetup two hours away from his home went to a meetup and went to this event stayed the entire time to network with people afterwards. Happened to get to talk to the organizer of this large meetup two hours away from his house and learned actually from this organizer that there were multiple meet ups in his area that just werent well marketed and she would actually get him in touch with this organizer in his area especially of the event right near his house. What’s really great about this is the event in his area actually happened to be the next night. And can you guess where this meetup was going to be held that. Hell yeah. It was going to be hell that After Hours Dev Rocco attends the next night at the meet up near his house. And the content goes straight over his head because a lot of it at this meetup was a little more advanced. Talked a lot about continuous integration continuous deployment techniques which are always the most basic of concepts to understand. Well after this meet up like he had done before he hung around to engage with people network. And fortunately here he end up giving to meet the organizer of this Meetup which was coincidentally the director of engineering and After Hours Dev. This is where the story gets really good and this is what I enjoy and love to hear when things work out like this and you put in the effort and the time Rocco’s name was already known of the organizer when he actually got to introduce himself and meet him. He told them hey I’ve heard good things about you Rocco. Not only from the event organizer last night where you’re at but I’ve also heard some things about my hiring manager and how they were excited for you to come in next week. Now why do I tell you all this. Why do I tell you this story and leave it at that part right there why. Well because part of the story is still remain to be seen. Actually I can give you guys the update next week on how the interview goes but I tell you this story and how that all this plays out because when you think all hope is lost and you have been trying for so long I want you to know there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel no matter where you ran the process. If Rocco had just done one less thing this opportunity would have never happened. So this next week mid-July Rocco goes for an in-person interview with the whole engineering team and it’s crazy to think how one recruiter ignores him. But yet his network embraces him for his outreach for his ability to take his time and actually spend it at meet ups and put himself out there. All right, So I said we would talk about what you can do and let’s jump into now. First and foremost make sure you are reaching out whether it’s hiring managers or active people in your community. Second going to meet ups even if it’s two or three hours across the state for you and really far away there could be some good payoff if you stay to thee the end. Three find a mentor they’ll help you through the entire process because there’s going to be ups and downs. Ultimately you want someone on your side who’s been there before and knows the pain and struggle that it takes to get to be successful. If you like today’s video go ahead give it a big old thumbs up. Hit the subscribe and notification bell if you want more content like this and ultimately leave a comment down below. If you’re one to hear the end of this story or tell me if you have a similar story and if you do have a similar story you’d like help that I’ve created some free coaching session slots for 30 minute calls to help people out. There is some urgency though to this. I’ve only opened up five slots per week and they book out really quickly so if you want some time with me to talk about your situation and to get some help then reach out down below. With that calendar.

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  • Networking is a greatly under rated. I've met other professionals that have pushed me on my weaknesses and getting out of my comfort zone

  • I had a very similar experience. I live in a small town and ultimately stopped looking for a job. I did freelance and then started my own local business to get around the lack of local jobs. This is a great story of perseverance though.

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