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SpongeBob’s Top 20 Jobs! 😁 #TBT

20, 40, 60, 80, 90, 95, 96, 97. Order up! We’re right behind him
and he has no idea. [giggling] Would you stop making
all that racket? The Quickster, with the uncanny
ability to run really quick. Wanna see me run
to that mountain and back? You wanna see me do it again? What do you think, boss? Clam shells. What have you done, boy? I told you to build me a house. Not a sandwich. Here, hold this simple playing card, while I transform it
into a magic playing card before your very eyes.
Let’s see. Step one. This can’t possible end soon. Which brings us to step three:
juggle something. Well, if you insist, Mr. Magic. I don’t care where you’re going,
just take me away from here. Come on, number 665321.
Let’s move it! Yeah, yeah, keep your shirt on. Psst, hey Sheldon. SpongeBob, what in the sea shell
are you doing here? Mr. Krabs arranged for me
to work here on weekends. He wants me to keep an eye on you. Excuse me, doesn’t this count
as cruel and unusual punishment? Pipe down, pip squeak. Look, they even gave me a training baton. [music playing] I want a clean fight. I don’t wanna see any
trash laying around. [screaming] [whimpering] We give up! Fling! Can’t swim! Butt hurts! Ice cream! Hold on, Patrick! I’m coming! Help! Help! Don’t move! Catch this! [screaming] Quit fooling around, man.
Get in the water. Help! Help! Oh, what am I gonna do? Gotta think, gotta think, gotta think.
Gotta run around and think. Gotta run around and think at
the same time. Gotta think. Gotta have a plan.
Gotta think, think, think. I’ve got it. Patrick can’t drown if
there isn’t any water. Well, you’re safe now Patrick. Help, I’m drowning.
I’ve got butt cramps. I want ice cream and now it’s dark! No problem, here I go. Huh? Yeah. Huh? Barnacles! OK, let’s start off simple. This is a basic move called
the inverted whirlpool. Inverty whurpie, got it. Woohoo! That was awesome. – Think you can handle that?
– Yeah, yeah, yeah! [laughing] Oh yeah! Oh yeah! [laughing] Hey… How do you stop this thing? Neptune’s trousers, what’s that? [screaming] How’s this, Squidward? What the– How the–
A perfect circle? Do it again. Show your process. Well, first I draw this head. Then I erased some of
the more detailed features. And one, two, three… A circle thingy. Give me that! Forget the circles. Ooh, nice one Squidward!
Let me try. Ha, lookie Squidward. It’s you and me playing leap frog. That’s you on the bottom. But seriously folks, the only
thing dumber than a squirrel is a sponge! I mean, we’re so dumb,
we don’t even have a vertebrae. [moaning] Look at me, I got no bones! [laughing] Crabs? Oh, brother.
They’re so cheap, they can’t even pay attention. [laughing] It’s true, I am cheap! Oh no, your bathroom is a disaster. Get it cleaned up fast with
the New Sponge. [moaning] Household chores are a snap
with New Sponge. It cleans sinks. Just look at that shine. New Sponge cuts through
even the toughest grime and grit. New Sponge also cleans showers. [screaming] Ha-ha, that tile looks good as new. But best of all, New Sponge
can make any toilet sparkle. [gasping] [screaming] OK Patrick, this is it. The first step on our road
to living fancy, just follow my lead. Good afternoon, sir. Could we interest you
in some chocolate? Chocolate? Did you say chocolate? Yes sir, with or without nuts. Chocolate? Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate! ♪ The Krusty Krab pizza
Is the pizza absolutivaly ♪ [beat boxing] ♪ Pizza, pizza ♪ [beat boxing] ♪ Krusty Kraah-yaha-yab
Yah-ah-yab Pizza ♪ ♪ Is the pizza yeah for you and ♪ ♪ Meeeee! ♪ In conclusion,
and without a moment to spare, I will put on this uniform
and assume my duties as… Hall monitor! [whistle blowing] What would this town
do without you, SpongeBob? My leg! My leg! OK Patrick, it’s all in the technique. First go like this. Spin around, stop. Double take three times.
One, two, three. Then pelvic thrust! Woo! Woo! Stop on your right foot, don’t forget it! Now it’s time to
bring it around town! Bring it around town! Then you do this, then this, and this, then that, and this,
and that, and this, and that, and then… [quacking] Ooh! Squidward, I must tell you. Thank you. What really won me over
was your brilliant waiter. It’s as if all he knows is
fine dining and breathing. I must know your name. – My name?
– Yes, your name son. Uh… Beef Wellington? Ha, no your name. Uh… eh… The fork on the left? Ha, stop joking.
Tell him your name. My name… What’s his name? What’s his name?
I’ve got nothing on a name. Come on, baby.
What’s the name? [screaming] We threw out his name! Who’s hungry? [music playing] [music playing]

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