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Standing Up To White Collar Bullies│Protecting Employees

I’ve been in these legal situations and
it’s something about maybe it’s the repertoire of the ex wrestling in me and
liking a fight or something but when I feel like someone’s taking advantage or
being victimized or someone’s bullying I just so much
enjoy like sticking up to the bully where I usually used to always just turn
the shoulder I don’t know why I love when attorneys because we’re so full of
shit when attorneys like bully me and then I’d literally I already told
someone this yesterday but like I literally we had a situation where an
attorney was threatening me specifically and the company and that was when I’m
like what’s the operating mechanism that would make this person act this way
I really thought about it for a second I’m like well these people get paid on a
contingency right so an attorney gets paid on it get this one got paid on a
contingency so it’s only collected as much could win a percentage one-third
30-some percent so I’m like if I can make this really difficult gonna start
counting the economics of it like this ain’t worth my time so what I said I
said here’s what I’m willing to offer that I think is very fair and the
opposing counsels like what you’re gonna make the settlement like oh yeah because
this is what I feel is right and I feel like responsible cuz it’s my fault if
something went wrong and this is what I’m just saying maybe it’s my own
barometer but I feel like this is what this person deserves something and
here’s where it is and it’s all I’m sticking to and then it was really
offended the opposing counsel and then opposing counsel threatened this and
that it’s never gonna work I said okay no problem but you see this man next to
me that’s very expensive that’s like 400 an hour I will pay this Atherton up here
like it’s it’s my attorney I’m like I will pay this attorney hundreds and
hundreds of thousands of dollars to make sure justice is served and I don’t care
about the money spent because it’s the principle of not getting with guns this
is what I said right and they were like both they’re not happy but they did the
economics of it they’re like well I get paid 1/3
of the settlement and this could go forever in front of a judge and it could
go in front of a jury which means they could lose everything and I wasn’t
bluffing man I’m like I literally will dig out of everything under my cushion
couches and shit nickels dimes to pay this man as much as possible and I meant
it and they knew I meant it so what happened was that’s what made
the bullying stop and they said they said well we’re given 48 hours we’ll get
back to you 48 hours later they were like yeah we’ll take that deal the
reason that I make such a point about that stupid example of fighting over is
that I need you guys around this table to know that if someone’s trying to
bully you that’s where I work endlessly defend you it’s like if I make a
decision like I’m gonna have Veronica’s back on something it will never ever end
for the other person you guys have to be that way the people that you support
that you provide leadership you have to make them feel safe because if you don’t
make them feel safe to make mistakes they will not be creative no one’s gonna
be creative and think like think of things outside the box and improve kids
lives drastically when they’re being under duress and they feel like if they
can make a mistake

11 Replies to “Standing Up To White Collar Bullies│Protecting Employees”

  • always always … people have to be able to stumble chasing goal in a way no one has tried before. If they do the mental accounting and come up with the realization that if the thing goes sideways they are out in the cold what is the incentive to them personally to make the attempt. They may care a lot for the client and really feel strongly that what they are trying will bring the result everyone wants- but at the end of the day its not worth it if stumbling in the effort costs more than you can spend.

  • I get the same reaction to ANY type of bullying. Hiding behind laws and loopholes is particularly cowardice in action in my book. Sticking with your guns ethically is an admirable practice.

  • I agree with all the comments below! You’re a great person! There will always be people who bully others just for the fun of it, we all need to have each other’s back in situations like this!

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