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Steven’s Secret Rap Career | PART 1 (feat. Zach Callison)

PEARL: But where could Peridot be broadcasting a signal that strong? GARNET: There’s only one place. STEVEN: So, we just gotta wreck it up again. STEVEN: You guys were amazing! (PARTY IN THE BURBS) (PARTY IN THE BURBS) (PARTY IN THE BURBS) (sigh) “You are in a quiet forest. A small rabbit begins to sing…” ROUND AND ROUND LET THE CITY TURN PARTY IN THE HILLS WE CAN PARTY IN THE BURBS (glass shattering) STEVEN: Peridot, Lapis, I’m here! (ROUND AND ROUND LET THE CITY TURN) (PARTY IN THE HILLS WE CAN PARTY IN THE BURBS) AAAAA! (gasping for air) Uh, hey, room! It’s been a bit, huh? Sooo…. I– (Pearl’s Rap plays in the background) Aaah! I finally know the truth. I know what you are! You’re a LIAR! (yelling) STEVEN: I don’t want this… TINY FLOATING WHALE: What do you want, Steven? STEVEN: I don’t know! (yell, thud sound) PEARL: Is everything okay, Steven? STEVEN: I thought you were going to tell me everything from now on. PEARL: Ah.. uh… well… STEVEN: Nobody told ME Pearl was a rap legend! GARNET: Please, you’re making Pearl very upset. STEVEN: I’m sick of everyone lying to me! GARNET: Steven, it wasn’t something we planned behind your back. GARNET: I know you don’t think we trust you, but the truth is– STEVEN: I! DON’T! CARE! STEVEN: I’ll show you… I’ll drop the edgiest rap of all time! STEVEN: Get ready for Steven’s secret rap career!

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