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Stock Market Career | Earn Rs 1000 daily from Rs 50 thousand capital

Hey guys, so stock market career you are interested
in, right? So in this video I am going to show you exactly
how can make a career in the stock market. And I will ensure that you can make at least
1000 rupees per trading day in your stock market career that also from a 50000 rupees
capital. So now, how will you start a stock market
career. I receive end number of enquiries in WhatsApp
everyday. Many of them tells me that sir I want to become
a full time trader. So is it that easy to become a full time trader? Is it that easy to earn 1000 rupees safely
per trading day in the stock market career? The answer is yes and no. Yes is for them who want to follow a guideline
and no is for them who want to become rich overnight, who want to start earning from
the stock market overnight. So guys you need to be patience, you need
to follow a set of rules. And I guarantee you, you can earn 1000 rupees
per day, per trading day in the stock market. And you can make your career in the stock
market so let me show you my technique. But before that let me give you a short intro
of mine. Hello friends, I am Indrajit Mukherjee from If you want to grow your wealth from the stock
and commodity markets hit the subscribe button and hit the bell notification icon. You can also send me your stock market related
queries through WhatsApp in my number +91-9674321856. I start with my own story. I am in the stock market full time since 2008. So since 2008, I started trading full time
and since 2008 I started blogging full time. Because in the initial days what I was trading,
I used to write on the blog. So from there my website got popularity. So I was a full time trader since 2008. But was my journey smooth? My dear friends, No. Because I was not successful in my first venture. So I am in the stock market since 2008. But previously also, I tried to become full
time trader, that was in 2002.So in 2002, I started full time trading and I was making
losses. But friends, I have a family to maintain,
I have bills to pay. So I needed go back to my job. So that time I was unsuccessful. So why I was unsuccessful? Because I had little money. I could not afford to lose. So that was the main reason I could not afford
to lose because if I if I lose money that will be eroded from my capital. And I had very less capital. So I was, everyday I was fearful that I cannot
make loss. But if you have this fear, you can never make
money from the stock market. Because loss is a byproduct in this business. So you need to make losses Boss. Get loss make profit and if your profitable
trades are more you can make money and you can earn money from the stock market. Your stock market career will be secured. So that time I took a lesson, I went back
to the job. But in the job also reading was my passion
so I could not quit reading. Whenever in the job also I had a trading terminal
always open in front of me. In my laptop always a trading terminal was
open. But then I was acquainted with trading, and
in the meantime I was also saving money for me. That was due to I need money whenever next
time I want to go back to trading as a career. So stock market as a career. So next time when in 2008 once again I left
my job and I started trading full-time, I had money. I saved money for at least next one year. So that time I was much more confident. And I became successful. So I started trading, I started experimenting
with trading system and all. I got more time for my family, I started working
from the home. So there was no office going nothing, I was
successful. So if you want to become a successful trader
you need also to save money you need to have money with you then only you can become successful. Because if you are undercapitalized, you can
never be successful in the market. So that is the first criterion you should
have Capital for you, you should have capital to support your family. You should have capital to pay your bills. The next comes the infrastructure, you need
some basic tools. Do not start reading from your mobile because
if you want to be a successful trader you need to be professional. Trade from a laptop, buy a good laptop, buy
a laptop with at least 8GB of RAM. A good laptop with good speed because trading
means speed. You need to be fast. Take a good internet connection, do not rely
on dongles and all. Take a good internet connection, take a Broadband. Forget about jio and all. Take a broadband connection and if possible
take a backup internet connection. Because whenever you are in a trade, if your
internet connection goes down you also will go down. And another thing you need that is a power
backup because if you are in the trade, you need power. So you need a power backup. Now my dear friends, that is all about the
infrastructure you need. You need no more infrastructure. You can even trade from your own bedroom. No one is going to see you whether you are
wearing a Bermuda or you are wearing a full pant. So that you can become comfortable in your
dresses and you can still are a good amount of money from the market because that is the
beauty of this business. This business does not need any infrastructure
apart from your own technical infrastructures. And you do not need to invest on the charts
and all. Because nowadays brokers will give you good
charts. If you do not have charts, I will give you
the link to join Zerodha. Because Zerodha will give you the chart you
need. Basic chart you will need and Zerodha will
give more than that. So now, last but not the least you need a
good system. And you need to stick to that system because
there are many people who have a good system but they do not rely on the system. They trade this system for 2 days, they trade
that system for another 2 days. And they ultimately losses money and leave
the stock market. They tells everyone that brothers do not go
into the stock market, stock market is gambling. But stock market is not gambling. In stock market you can make consistent money
if you follow your system and you need to believe your system. So here I will show you a simple system by
which you can earn almost 1000 rupees per trading day that also from a capital of 50000
rupees. So let me show you my exact technique. The technique is very simple. We will trade only Nifty futures. We are not concerned about anything else. So we will trade only Nifty Futures. We will trade the one hour candles. The market opens at 9.15, so one hour candle
will close at 10:15. That will be one hour. So we will note a the high and low of the
first hour. Simple logic. We will buy above the first hour candle and
we will short sell below the low of the first hour candle. So that’s all. That is as simple as that. A simple strategy to follow, will make you
money and will keep some target and stoploss. So what will be the target, will keep a target
of 10 points that is simple. We do not mind if the market goes hundred
points up. We are happy with 10 points only. So that is the 10 points will be the target. And what will be the stop loss? The stop loss will be 20 points. Now we are many people will start committing
to me, you are giving a crap formula. You will be never successful. Because your target is less than your stop
loss. But my dear friend the old saying goes that
if your stop loss is more the less chance of hitting it. And if your target is less, the more chance
of hitting it. So we will go with a 10 points target and
20 points stop loss. Now I will show you, you can still make money,
you can still make money from that. so I have back tasted this system on amibroker. Let me show you the backtest. So this is Amibroker window. We are actually backtested this system. So this is December expiry of Nifty Futures. So december expiry series. So I have seen that there are roughly 12 trades. So December expiry started from 29th of November
and today is 13th of December. So in this roughly 15 days. We have got 12th trades. And the report was we had earned 76 points
profit. So, 76 points profit we have got. So, now let us check how much capital we need
to have and how much brokerage we need to pay for these trades. So this is Zerodha’s margin calculator. We are taking NFO, Nifty Futures Options as
the segment. Product is futures, we are actually taking
BO and CO, bracket order, cover order as the product. So we will keep a strict stop loss and we
will keep a strict target on the bracket order. SO symbol is is Nifty futures. Nifty’s 26 December futures and we are buying
at 12000. And we are giving a 20 points stop loss. So our stop loss is this 11980. We are trading a quantity 225. So 225 quantity means 3 lots of Nifty Futures. We are buying and we are calculating the margin
as 45360. So you can see the actual value of the trade
will 27lakhs but margin requires is only 45000. So that is well under 50000. So your 50000 capital you need and with this
50000 capital, if you can employ 45000 rupees from there, you can trade 3 lots of Nifty
Futures in intraday in bracket order or cover order. Now, what will be the brokerage? We are seeing that in this scenario, we are
buying at 12000 and our target is only 10 points. So 12010 we are selling and quantity is 225. SO 225 quantity if we trade, we can see our
points to breakeven is 1.97. So roughly from every trade 1.97 points that
means two points are going for brokerage. So now we will calculate the profitability. How much profits actually we will make from
these 12 trades. From where we have actually earned 75 points. So let us go back to a calculator. So now guys this is a calculator. We will now calculate how much profit we are
making. So in amibroker we have seen that we have
made 76 points. I am taking it as 75. And we have seen roughly we need to pay a
brokerage of 1.97 that means 2 rupees per trade. So in the 12 trades, we need to pay 24 points
brokerage. I am keeping it as 25. So if I divided, that means it is 50 points,
I am considering the brokerage, I am making net. So in this 50 points everything is considered. I am.considering the losses, I am considering
the brokerage, the charges, the fees, the everything is considered here. And still I am making 50 points net. So guys if we can now multiplied it by 2,
because this is half of the month that I have traded. So in the total month, we can make 100 points
roughly. There into 225, the lot size. So guys, we are making 22500 rupees per month
from the capital of 50000 rupees that also without any technical knowledge. We are only following a simple strategy. We do not need very big technican analysis
to do all these trades but simply we are following a system. So we are making 22500 rupees per month and
in a month roughly there are 22 trading days. So if I divide this 22500 by 22. So this is roughly 1022. So as I told you roughly we had made 1022
rupees per trading day. So friends, I have shown you the exact technique
by which you can make 1000 rupees safely per day from a capital of 50000 rupees. And you can also do this everyday in your
trading. So you can understand that stock market career
is also for you. So you can make a career in the stock market
and earn your living from this market. So, friends, I have completed today’s webinar. If you have liked today’s video please do
not forget to hit the like button. Please also do not forget to share it with
your friends. Because if you share it, someone else can
also be benefitted. If you have any queries, just ask me in the
comments. I will try to answer you as early as possible. Friends, thanks a lot for watching this webinar
till the end. Bye bye!

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