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Struggling in the job search?

Hi, everyone. Adam with Johnson & Hill
Staffing. Today, we’re talking about a specific type of job search challenge.
For those who, for whatever reason, have been out of the workforce for a little
while and are trying to get back in, this is one of the things that were going to be
talking about today. Or maybe you’re in a spot where you have experience and
you’re making a complete career change. And are trying to get work in
that new direction. Or perhaps you just graduated from college or from a school
or for some training and you’re trying to get your first job within the field.
These can all be challenging things because what you’re basically trying to
do is convince somebody that you are worth taking a shot on, that if they
bring you in for a position, between your work ethic, and your skills, and your
ability to learn, they will not be disappointed with with your performance
or with their decision. And that can be a tricky a tricky sort of thing to
convince somebody of, but there are things that can help you! The first thing,
of course, is the resume. For the resume, you really want to make it as on-point as
possible. Not just with the content, the skills, and the experience listed, but
also with the format and the layout and how it’s presented and put together. And
for that, you may want to consult with a professional because they can help
to guide you to make sure that everything really is in as in alignment as possible with current resume trends. The second thing is to not overlook job
fairs. What’s wonderful about job fairs is that they are one of the only ways
right now to be able to make that in-person impression. Even with a great
cover letter and a great resume, sometimes it can be really difficult to
show the value that you bring to the table just by doing online applications.
Job fairs give you access to lots of different employers all at once, and you
can make that in-person impression and then also in person give them your
fantastic resume. And the third thing, which is probably the one that takes the
most patience, is that you are really going to likely have to plant more seeds
than the average job seeker. And by plant more seeds, I mean just get more resumes,
more applications out there. It’s going to probably take a little bit higher volume
of a send-out from you to be able to start generating some possible momentum
with your research, but it will eventually happen. It just takes time, so
you have to try hard and not get discouraged and just keep on
trucking ahead. So I hope that helps a little bit for now, but we’ll have more
for you soon. In the meantime, thanks for watching and have a great day!

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