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Have you ever wondered what you wanted to do with your life? I never really knew what i wanted to be. I’m Rachel Kight and I create a
Destination Occupation to help educate students and jobseekers about great jobs
that we have here and now in Maine. Our mission is to give students and
job seekers the tools, information and resources necessary to do a variety of
things. One we want to help them navigate career exploration and it’s complex
decision making process more concretely and two we want them to better understand their skills, interests and personalities and how they relate to careers. Students
and job seekers use our videos and resources to learn about career options.
Our videos pack a lot of information in under five minutes. Let’s take a look at some samples. This is
Hancock Lumber’s business profile. The viewer gets introduced to each featured
employee and learns why they like working there. “And flexibility which is really important one for me” Watching the individual profiles the
student and job seeker learns more about the job like key responsibilities or viewers hear inspirational stories
that offer hope like Alyssa’s story. “Every time I learn a new skill to the point where they think I could teach it to somebody else I get more money” In all videos
viewers learn about the skill set that is needed to do the job. Each video has links embedded in them
which aid the student or a job seeker in career path exploration. Hear about
it Click on it. Visit it. So whether you live
in Kittery or Kingfield Bangor or Buxton Machias or Madawaska Destination
Occupation viewers can learn about career opportunities that exist all over
Maine. We’d love it if you would like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter and
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