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Studying Employment Law by Distance Learning at the University of Leicester – Tom

The best part of the distance learning course is definitely the teaching weekends. I’d say that’s because they’re a face-to-face experience, you get to meet all your colleagues and your teachers. It gives you an opportunity to ask questions, they are very invaluable. There’s not many of them, of course, because it being distance learning but they maximize your learnings from the materials that provided and I’d say that I wouldn’t have had the success during the assignments if I didn’t have the opportunity to ask questions in those teaching weekends. They also give an opportunity to network and meet people from different sectors, different rolls and to network to get job opportunities and stuff like that. The Employment Law Distance Learning course has helped me in my career personally because I’m currently working in HR so it’s provided me knowledge for that and also provided me opportunities so that my employer has noticed and recognises knowledge that I’ve gained. So it’s actually, in my personal circumstances I was given a role because of this course in the UK’s largest ever takeover of a company, so because my knowledge from that I was able to take on this role. It’s also helped me, so during my undergraduate I was applying for training contracts and I was really struggling, I couldn’t even get past the first phase of the recruitment process, and I think that the LLM really made me stand out from the rest of the undergraduates. If you’re an undergraduate thinking of doing the postgraduate course, I think that it actually is a benefit it being distance learning because you’re able to gain that work experience that you haven’t been able to do as an undergraduate while also improving your knowledge, especially about employment law and it also teaches you other experiences. So for example I believe that my time management has improved ridiculously and also not just time management but using your time smartly, so for example I don’t just go and like gossip during the lunch break, I’m sat down studying and it improves your work ethos and you get good commercial experience from working at the same time and applying your knowledge to your work at the same time.

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