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Summer Carbaugh, Academy of Health Professions

KRISTEN: I have 8 different stations set up for you guys. NARRATION: Kristen Roach — KRISTEN: — to simulate those physical changes of aging. NARRATION: — teaches at the Academy of Health NARRATION: Professions in Carroll County. Today her NARRATION: students consider the ailments of aging. SUMMER: Shoulders hunched over [giggles] KRISTEN: So each suit — NARRATION: In the lab they’ll strap on suits — braces and weights really — KRISTEN: A neck brace, a weighted vest — KRISTEN: — to give the students an opportunity to KRISTEN: experience some of those physical changes KRISTEN: of aging. KRISTEN: You’re gonna have knee braces, arm weights, and ankle weights. So it is a pretty extensive suit — KRISTEN: And to allow them to kind of develop empathy and sensitivity towards the elderly. NARRATION: So they start with rice. Poured into shoes SUMMER: Oh, I don’t like this! NARRATION: It mimics the tingly discomfort of nerve damaged feet. KRISTEN: We spend a lot of time on what it means to be a professional. KENZIE: It’s a little heavy, and it’s making me feel the rice a lot more. KRISTEN: And they go out and they perform hands-on care. NARRATION: Summer Carbaugh straps in Kenzie Leppert. KRISTEN: 40 plus hours in one of the county long-term care facilities. NARRATION: And the partners and the class wrap NARRATION: themselves in the infirmities of old age. KRISTEN: Our population is aging. And there’s gonna KRISTEN: be a significant demand for healthcare KRISTEN: professionals. KENZIE: So we get the little hunch in our back. NARRATION: They get a hunch, a glimpse NARRATION: into the minds of those for whom they care. SUMMER: It was very heavy and tiring and I SUMMER: think that it helped me understand how SUMMER: sometimes they’re grumpy. KRISTEN: All students in Academy of Health Professions are gonna start off by taking two courses KRISTEN: They either — Structure and Functions of the KRISTEN: Human Body, or Foundations of Medicine KRISTEN: and Health Science, and then based on the KRISTEN: students interests they’re able to branch off KRISTEN: into other specialties. SUMMER: I really like anatomy and physiology. KRISTEN: They get first aid and CPR-certified. SUMMER: I want to be a medical examiner or a SUMMER: forensic pathologist? A lot of school but… NARRATION: But Summer and Kenzie know with the certifications they earn they can work, maybe work NARRATION: their way through college. SUMMER: You can earn your Certified Nursing Assistant and Geriatric Nursing Assistant and then SUMMER: second semester there’s a bunch of different options for other certifications you can get. KRISTEN: So students could be able to go out and get a job right away in industry. KRISTEN: They could work as nursing assistants. NARRATION: Roach says in addition to nursing other specialties include Physical Rehabilitation, NARRATION: Pharmacy Technician and Clinical NARRATION: Medical or Dental Assistant. [Off camera] “What is your condition” [Laughter] NARRATION: The lab also simulates visual impairments. Here’s what Madelyn might see with NARRATION: Retinitis Pigmentosa. MADELYN: It’s like, little like blotches, little blotches all MADELYN: over your eyes. LINDSAY: I have cataracts. NARRATION: With cataracts Lindsay Kovac sees through a haze. KIT: I don’t have good grip and feeling in my fingers. NARRATION: And Kit’s gloves mimic fumbly fingers. MADISON: So I graduated from this program five years ago. NARRATION: Madison Zent-Burton — MADISON: And I had an instructor in the program during my clinical rotation who worked at University of Maryland Shock Trauma which I work at now — NARRATION: — studied at the Academy. MADISON: It just really helped with networking? NARRATION: It launched her career. MADISON: There are so many opportunities that are MADISON: introduced to you through this program. SUMMER: Taking these AHP classes is definitely going to help me become a medical examiner in the future. MADISON: It’s a good option. [MUSIC & WEB ADDRESS]

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