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Supported Employment – Janet

Music Narrator: Metro Transit has 1500 coaches in its fleet. Michael: They kind of go in and out of the bases twice a day. And then there’s the
service that stays on the road throughout the day. And then there’s that
night, night time service they call the ‘night
owl’ service. So we’re kind of we’re always running 24 hours a day. Narrator: That’s a
lot of miles; and a lot of paperwork that ends up here. Janet: Damage reports. Michael: There’s a
lot of documentation there’s a lot of regulatory type requirements. Janet: I just
organize them by the route and run. Michael: So thousands and thousands and thousands of these documents are produced. Janet: These are all the damage reports from 2018. Narrator: But now the Safety Office has a little more help. Janet: I was really enjoying my time organizing and getting things all cleaned up. Michael: Being able to kind of capture those; and just have a simple filing system and a way to organize them, was something that Janet’s really been able to help us do very very well. Janet: I’ve always been a neat freak about
things. Try to keep things clean up my desk. Karen: She’ll organize them put them by base, put them numerically by number; and then
she’ll let me know when they’re all done. It’s a lot of work. But she does a
fantastic job… fantastic job. Christina: Janet is a recent hire into our Supported Employment Program. And supported employment is a County program that matches candidates
with developmental disabilities into County positions. Candidates have the support of a state funded job coach, to help them with the onboarding and
training process and then throughout their tenure at King County. Janet: Metro is a
really great place to work. I’ve really enjoyed working here. Michael: Janet’s great. She came in here like a ball of fire she was ready to get going…Super
energetic, super friendly, very engaging. Karen: She gives suggestions and ideas on how to make it easier, on how to make it more organized. Michael: It’s made us more efficient
and more effective as a safety staff in general in the Safety
Office to have this type of backing and support from Janet. Janet: I Did it!

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