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Sure Winner Food Warehouse

[John] My favorite thing about working at Sure
Winner Foods is it is a highly fast-paced, independent style job. [Sam] We’re all very competitive when we go against each other and then the teamwork kicks
in and we’re all trying to get everything going it’s a really fun time. [John] After we’re done stretching we go up to the computer, we get our order, then we go
to the palette and enter the freezer and then once we enter the freezer, we start
picking accordingly and stacking it onto the pallet. And then once you finish your
order you go out to the dock you would wrap up your order, you put your order
slip in there and then you go back to the computer and scan it back out and it
keeps track of all your time. [Sam] My job as a loader is important because I need to
make sure the right pallet tags are on there so it doesn’t get sent to the
wrong store and I also need to make sure it’s wrapped tight so it doesn’t affect
the drivers time he has to get that to the store and off the truck. [John] Accuracy is a key thing for Sure Winner because it all starts with us picking, if we pick
accurately then it can go to the truck driver and then go to the store then the
store doesn’t have to send anything back because they’re getting what they
ordered and then also with accuracy bonus the more accurate you are,
the more money you can make, so it’s just a win win.
When I first started that Sure Winner Foods it was kind of an eye-opening
process. Everything was so fast-paced. I wasn’t used to it.
Every day they told me I was doing a good job and they just pretty much
helped me focus on main tasks, to make sure I was accurate and not
worry about going fast, just worry about the key responsibilities throughout the
company and help me grow into a better worker for the company. [Sam] The advice that would give you if you want to work here is that Sure Winners your first week is gonna
be really cold because your training after that it gets so much easier, you’re
warm, you’re off on your own and there’s a bunch of guys around if you need any
help all you got to do is ask. [John] One of the other things I like about the job is you
see your progress from day to day. Your numbers help you see your progress,
the way you build the palette can help you see your progress, how fast you go
you can see progress, there’s many different ways you can value your
progress. [Sam] I’ve been very successful here at Sure Winner because I’m very eager
and willing to learn new things here and as soon as they
asked me to try something new I jump right up and see if I can handle it. [John] It is a very good company to work for. You can grow and expand with them. They have
a lot of opportunities. Yes, you do have to work very hard and it does get cold,
but it is a very good company to be a part of. I just think if you’re really looking for a good job a nice, friendly environment, this is kind
of a great place to be.

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