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SWMO Career Pathways Coalition looks into area employment and education needs

UNCLE SAM WANTS SCHOOLS ACROSS THE COUNTRY TO TAKE A CLOSER LOOK AT TAILORING EDUCATION TO FIT LOCAL NEEDS. AND NOW DOZENS OF SOUTHWEST MISSOURI SCHOOLS ARE BANDING TOGETHER TO MAKE THAT HAPPEN. ACTION 12’S GRETCHEN BOLANDER JOINS US LIVE IN THE NEWSROOM. GRETCHEN, WHAT’S THEIR PLAN? ANDY, IT’S A NEW COALITION OF 41 SOUTHWEST MISSOURI SCHOOLS. AND THEY’RE ALL FOCUSED ON IMPROVING OPTIONS FOR STUDENTS. Mark Elliff, Carthage Chamber: “Our industries and businesses should be really excited about this.” Gretchen Bolander: Carthage Chamber President Mark Elliff sees the potential for a big impact in finetuning local education.Mark Elliff, Carthage Chamber: “We’ve been talking about the best way to do the workforce is to build your own workforce – it takes awhile to do it but ultimately down the road we’re going to have it.” He’s part of an effort to make sure southwest Missouri education is meeting the needs of southwest Missouri businesses. Organizers of a new education coalition want to start working with students much earlier, think grade school, to understand their options after graduation.Hans Meeder, Ed. Consultant: “They don’t have much of a career awareness – they probably don’t even understand some of their own skills and gifts. So putting those pieces together of who am I and what’s out there.” The group outlined a number of goals to help students find the right fit. And that includes a program to give teachers more experience with the potential jobs for students.Dr. Phillip Witt, Assoc VP Crowder: “Designed for school districts to use to get their teachers into industries so they can really learn about the opportunities there and be the on the grounds advisor for students in the classroom.” THE “SOUTHWEST MISSOURI CAREER PATHWAYS COALITION” WILL COVER A NINE COUNTY AREA. ANDY, THAT INCLUDES TECHNICAL CENTERS IN JOPLIN, CARTHAGE, AND NEOSHO … AS WELL AS THOSE IN LAMAR, NEVADA AND MONETT. THANKS, GRETCHEN.

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