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to make it faster and easier for employers and candidates to connect you must understand them that’s a lot easier said when you have two decades of insight but as an employer how do you provide a great candidate experience manage consistent reengagement and build a relevant pipeline without adding more to your list of things to do first you need a great career site that keeps up with the demand of today’s technological advancements a digital destination that showcases your company’s culture benefits industry leadership and purse and candidates want to engage with you on their time with any device which means your career site must deliver a great experience on all desktop or laptop computers mobile phones and tablet devices however they find you eighty-five percent of candidates want an easy way to connect with your company this starts with your career site then your job postings and social media sites even your email signature will help expand your reach even further once you’ve built your talent pool you need to re-engage each candidate with the right job at the right time we know this must happen automatically to ensure you not only get to them fast enough but also save yourself valuable time and money while you are in meetings on the phone or at lunch our software is working for you career builders talent network will attract relevant candidates to fill your positions faster today while creating a pipeline of engaged candidates to source from tomorrow doesn’t that sound great we knew you’d think so careerbuilder a software company

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