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Teaching as a Profession – Western Sydney University

– I know we’re in a world now
where we’re looking, erm, with what arguably
is a very good Minister of Education in New South Wales, too, we’re looking at ensuring
that the profession becomes equal to
the higher status professions. And we’ve talked about it
for all the time I’ve been a teacher. So how do you create that? And I think one of the things
that people need to look at is probably, over time,
it has in some ways been a default, not always, a default position. You know, “I love this subject and I’ll
do this subject. What can I do with it?” I’m not saying in all cases. I think we have to create a culture of,
and that comes within schools, too, of teaching being something
that you’ve gotta compete for. So I think the definition
comes from that. It’s not even about pay, although no one will argue against it. I think it’s about
that philosophical notion of what would create this profession in a way that does become so elite? For all of our problems
within an Australian context, because we have
such a differentiated schooling system, we’re not like Finland,
we’re not like Singapore. Singapore was talked about
on the weekend in this way, that it’s now moved up. So I think it’s about, erm, having a real passion
for the things that I said earlier, that you love the notion
of working with kids, you have a passion
for a subject or subjects, and you’re prepared to open your mind to the world of the future
as a profession and see yourself as being up there,
equal to the best of professions.

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