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Team Success with Matthew’s Employment

[intro music]>>MATTHEW: Let’s see I, um, I do maintenance. Let’s see, I’m making sure the pictures, all
the pictures are straight.>>MASAO: When I met Matthew, I could sense
something special in him. I could sense something different that I knew
I needed to get to know him and find out more about him. The more I got to know him, the more he would
come around the store, and we just treated him like family since day one.>>GWYN: When I found out that, um, Matthew
had an interest in Photo Creations and Masao and Matthew had developed a relationship,
we started talking about how to customize a job for Matthew that would be sustainable
and he would like and that would provide benefit to the business. So it was all about a partnership. I brought in Teddy, his VR counselor, talked
to Teddy about this carved job that was happening.>>TEDDY: Yeah, and we really worked as a
team to have pre-planning meetings beforehand where we talked about the vision for Matt
being employed, what would the ideal position for him look like, both from a business perspective
and a person-centered perspective as well. So we took a lot of time up front to really
craft an appropriate match for Matt.>>GWYN: For me, talking to employers, I’ll
go and I’ll sit, I’ll say, ‘Can I just come and sit for an hour or two at your business? And see what you need help with.’ What are some things that someone else might
be able to do and carve that niche out of that employer’s business? And they are amazed. They say, ‘I never thought that could be something
someone could do!’ And giving employers ideas on how their business
can prosper from hiring a person with an intellectual or developmental disability. And the person they are hiring is absolutely
thrilled to do. Mathew is an amazing artist. He can draw anything. And that’s one of the benefits to the business
too. It helps keep the kids busy when the parents
need to do their business with Masao or are busy paying for the photo shoot or deciding
what package they want, then Matthew can keep the children busy by drawing them their favorite
pictures. Whether it be Disney or dragons or super heroes. Whatever they ask for, Matthew can draw.>>MASAO: When I got to know Matthew, I realized,
he’s just like you and me. Just an everyday person that loves life, loves
people. And to give somebody a chance like that, that
could excel in life and have a job. It inspired me to take time and invest into
someone like that who had so much pride in themselves to excel them into a career they
would have never thought possible.

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